Sunday, March 3, 2013

This is not mailart

Things were going well.  Patrick was finding mail art for himself and the arduous task of forwarding mail to children had become fun. I was happy to share my trash, my glue sticks - even my stamps.  
Meanwhile Figgy lost her provisional license once, and then it was stolen so once more she had to fork out the money for a new card (carry her passport with her, even to clubs, even though she refuses to use a purse) until the new card was processed and eventually arrived. 
I'm not sure I would draw attention to a driving license, but Patrick was confident that afixing outrageous comments and UFOs to Figgy's forwarded license would be fine.  Sadly it was not and the driving license NEVER arrived.
Maybe it's a lull, a nap, a breather from mail art for Patrick, or maybe not.  Whatever, he was clear that this bank statement would not go astray.  Fingers crossed.

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