Thursday, March 7, 2013

Simon Warren - Instalments

Today when I had THREE Simon Warren shirt cardboard writings I realised that I am the recipient of an epic.  I discovered that the leaves are numbered.  (Not sure leaves is the correct word but it will have to do...) And so far I have numbers 1, 2, 5 & 7.  Perhaps that is all I am getting.  I think these are for my memories project, but like Simon I love to lose myself in a stream of consciousness.  I have seen Simon Warren on the Letter Project. I saw one of Simon's energetic, expressive envelopes on IUOMA last night.  This flurry of writings is my first interaction with Simon. I have something to send back to Simon brewing, already, but I can't find one of the pieces. I don't have his email address so I hope he knows I will reply, eventually, by snail mail. 

I like the way Simon's words sound.  I can see what he writes of.  His handwriting is amazing.  My arm hurts just thinking about it. 'One cannot bring anything back by an effort of will.'  Does Simon know I am American.  The sound of the expression 'slam door trams' is something I have never heard before. I like when I hear English expressions and they still surprise me. 

On Page 2 Simon is reading my mind.  Does he know I have been researching the French Revolution for a silly idea I had for something DVS mentioned in passing. I must have know it all once, and it comes back, but I have not saved it in a place where I can find it in my mind. Simon remembers it all and is passionate about it.

Simon calls himself a Brickbat, a Croesus and I have to admit checking these words on my online dictionary.  GREAT words. I feel like I am beginning to see the world of this character - Simon, I think and I await the missing pieces.  Thank you.
As you will see the missing pieces did arrive! I have sent something back to Simon and hope to continue the conversation.

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