Sunday, September 23, 2018

Somewhere Between 17 and 40

Thatching keeps you young.  I know because I have my own personal thatcher and he is 80 something years young. Herman must know that handling straw is life enhancing.  As for climbing up to the roof… or to the top of a windmill… pleasures, not necessarily good for this heart. 

Here on the 'chicken farm' as DVS calls it, life is good even in the incessant rain.  Today the chickens escaped and ranged all over the field.  I had my head cocked waiting for the hawk harrier to swoop down, but I counted them all in later. 

Herman's mail art is a thank you for something I sent him. Really nice to get such splendid feedback and to be told not to worry about being slow to send.  (I am paraphrasing from a note written on the back of one the image below.) He is obsessed by American and British politics too and had a big birthday at the end of August.  Auguri!

I can't help wondering if older  people revert to doing what they want to with their birthday cakes in the Netherlands the way one year olds do. It's an adorable custom.

Love the orange here and the image of joy in the face of ill health.  Make the most of every day! 
and such a wonderful token of affection from Herman. where does he find such fabulous vintage stuff?

Huge thanks and belated birthday greetings mr feeling 17 - 40.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How to use this toilet

 Delighted to have a new Jon Foster tape masterpiece! I can't explain it but it makes me think of watermelon. I guess that is my synesthesiac reaction. 
As I type I am listening to tune in to get a fix of the USA news.  As ever these days it is pretty crazy in the free world. Jon is equipping me in case things get really nuts. Or MORE nuts.  And Jon is right, mail art does bring freedom!

In my opinion we are in one big cistern at the moment and I am thankful to given instructions on how to cope. It sure stinks these days 

Is this REALLY Mail Art without commercial value?

Cascadia Artpost has sent me a plethora of ticket stamps.  I sent him a little packet of tickets which I tracked down in my boxes of stuff I've saved for who knows why and HE SENT ME ALL OF THIS. Look at the colours, the slogans.  It is ephemera at its best and it's in the form of postage stamps! I don't know if they are gummed; they feel a little like they are, but I could never dare to use one.  Luckily I file all my mail art. That reminds me… I need to organise a mail art exhibtion to share some of the great stuff I have got in the last year or two. 

Cascadia sent me a note.  I think this is my first note from Cascadia… I never really know whether to publish notes so I will paraphrase bits.  The stamps are part of 'Ticket! Ticket!' one of his new projects. I ot all six sets he has made to date! Apparently what I sent will be part of the 2019 collection. 

 If you follow my blog you will already know that Cascadia Artpost sent me seeds earlier in the year and I planted them in an uncovential way for wildflower seeds: in six big pots next to each other.  I have to say that they make a beautiful wild flower garden next to the side of my house.  The rudbeckia are dominant (probably because I chose the strongest seedlings to translpant) but I still love them.

Cascadia sent me some photos of his garden. Gardening mail artists! apparently it has been hot in Cascadia too but we both seem to coped. Cascadia and I swapped watering secrets and he has an abundance of tomatoes. I have some that seeded themselves in the middle of my carrots and they are actually producing ripe tomatoes now.

If you follow Cascadia's mail art, you will know that he builds things, teeny tiny things. Below is  the intersection of politics, model making, social comentary and dada. I love it  Cascadia!

 See below Cascadia's tribute to mail art from dogfish/ Tui Tui (Robert Rudine) and more

Such a generous mailing and sorry it took me so long to post.  I will treasure it!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Meximail from Tofu

Well it looks like TOFU has been on the road! Or maybe he has just been armchair travelling… As I open Tofu's mail I am transported.  I have been to the Baja Peninsula and speak a little Spanish and with the images, money and icons I feel a period of wanderlust  coming on.   The only thing missing from this mailing is Chilaquiles.

This stuff is also getting me thinking about ideas for a school project.  Thank you TOFU.  haptic, beautiful, fun and inspiring.  

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mad World

Herman has titled this beautifully conflicted mailing 'Mad world'.  Well, it certainly is! And to illustrate this Herman has culled and juxtaposed an interesting array of characters and arranged them in his quintessetially aesthetic way.  Luckily Herman has given me a hint… above, if that isn't Oscar Wilde, he certainly is a look-alike, and that is topical.  While in India homosexuality has been legalised, I heard tonight that in 41 American states 'reprogramming' for gender - IE turning someone who feels gay into someone who does not feel gay is legal. 

Not sure who this soldier is but as poppy day rolls around again and the world is in a heightened state of danger from power-hungry politicians. not knowing the name of the soldier seems appropriate and has made me pause.
 "Suze" Groeneweg

While Kavannagh testifies for his seat on the Supreme Court and has some rarified views about what to call contraception, and it feels like women's rights and progress is in the balance in America, Herman pays tribute to a determined looking first female member of the Dutch parliament (1919) 
 Martydom, mutiny … on board and Seasick. 

What I notice about these times is the way the intrigue plays out in full view. What's he thinking under his hat? Let's hope it's nothing like what the possessed clergy below is thinking…

Ditch the drugs and pirouette. You have a much better chance of getting on the Queen's honour list!

I know I keep apologising but I have had this mailing from Herman since late July! And can you imagine, he sent me something else which is in my blogging pile. Thank you Herman and thank you others who are waiting for mail from me and for me to blog their wonderful work!