Sunday, December 30, 2012

Received from Mim 12.29.12

Love the image and the words on this (recycled) card. the ruffled edge on the right side is deliciously haptic and the depressions and holes make me want to send it on to Marie! And I'm reading a book about Joseph Cornell at the moment and Mim's card evokes that too!

Can You Change reality Like Bosch Did?

Delighted to receive this mail art call from the Netherlands.

From Dean in England!

Delighted to have this subtle and ephemeral piece delivered on the 28th. My family has been briefed that they needn't bother with a bought card on my birthday amd this year everyone was too busy to make cards.  So in the end I got six bought cards and this large one from Dean.  Obviously Dean's card tipped the scale from a disappointing birthday to something entirely more satisfying! 

I have to admit to saving envelopes too.  It's a bit like sea glass.  When I find a red or green one I put it in the precious scrap box. Maybe we should do an international envelope swap to enlarge our palette? I don't have lots of these.  THANK YOU Dean.

Hope it was drier in your part of england than it was in ours!

R'cd from Marie - Japan

I saw one of Marie's beautifully transparent cut up visual poetry books at IUOMA not long ago.  Of course I coveted it but for once did not ask... I had never had mail from Marie and I must admit that I hoped one day that the red truck would stop at the bottom of the path and  our postman, Michael, would carry one to the box outside the front door.I was expectant, but was trying to be patient, something not really in my nature.

I remember the day I saw the book online because our daughter had just returned from Uni and was telling me about her lecture on the lyric present.  Marie's book seemed so perfect in that context.  And then in the run up to Christmas my own version of Marie's book arrived, and what a beauty it is!

I have to admit taking a ridiculous number of photos and am not showing things in the correct order, letting the photos tell their own story. I'm not sure I'm doing it justice at all. But I did read it and respond to it based both on words and shapes as I carried it around the farm. The cut up gave me words such as, 'sunlight', 'lawn-mower', 'booby trap', 'outside' and many more, with 'puddle' being the most apt in my literal translation . I love the hats.  Marie doesn't even know that I wear and collect them avidly.

Huge thanks to Marie for this outstanding postal gift!