Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Issue 64 Subscription Opus Weirmer

 To participate in Jude's performance (duo or solo) all you need is a paper eggbeater. It looks as if my studio would be a perfect site for such a production. They could stand up in the gallery and we (you and me) could beat our egg beater so the sound would travel up to the lofty heights.

I can't begin to juggle all the detail Jude gives me in order to SEE the performance in my minds eye.  I think my family (after a banquet of cooperatively home-cooked supper) wouldn't be able to keep up either, even though they have significantly more musical prowess. But maybe you can HEAR IT SEE IT? Some phrases and images that I know will circulate in my mind for sometime are playfully pious (what does that look like?)  The instruction to play 3 7/50 times with specified modifications made my wonder. And why can't you pick up the egg carton?

 Hugely grateful, as ever, if befuddled and inadequate in my muscial knowledge! But maybe that's part of the point? Luxuriously detailed and aesthetically ravishing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looking for change in a Brave New World

Following on from Sticker Dude's comments on democracy, it seems there is discontent on this side of the pond too. The postmark is Chelmsford - and that's down the A12 from me, but can't place any of my mail art friends there, so not really sure who this is from.  Whoever it is is ANGRY, but like Joel is using humor to shout about it.  Humor and a see through pink envelope (is this a wink to a pro-communist leaning?) with puffy letters spelling out an Aldous Huxley title and using the leftover letters to rave and record the year England entered the EEC. More code for breaking and some possibly text that I can't decipher. I hope I discover who this protester is!

Don't let the Humbolt fog be your excuse - Joel Cohen

Sticker Dude is definately a 'juggler of gravity' and that is an important task in today's times. What with the UK vote about whether to remain in the EU or who to vote in in November in America, our duty to democracy looms big. I love the way Joel finds the perfect way of drilling down and zeroing in on the essence of the issue which is humorous, enlightening and important.  'Democracy requires higher skills than other forms of coexistence', complete with a liberty bell says it all.   And I've seen that Humbolt fog - the waves of wet air, not the cheese, and it is disorientating.  I hope the Humbolt voters can find the polling booth.

In case it needs underlining, Joel's way of composing an envelope is simply divine too.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Purifoy inspiration

I'm not sure why I haven't been able to post this from Phillip until now… I read about Noah when the mail art arrived and was astounded and then I must never have ahd another moment, and my mail art to blog is out of order..  Here is a link to a little more info: but I assume not knowing is a gap in my knowledge and that the rest of you know lots.  I would have loved to see the exhibit! 
Happy Dada, Phillip, and I am delighted to have your trashpo dada!

Subjectively real according to Amalgamated Confusion

There is no doubt that what AC says is true.  But even as I type that I see that that is not the question and his concept is even more profound. My reading of reality tends to be a little sensitive (or probably self-centered in that I fall into the trap of believing reactions are personal, sometimes). For sure that is my reality then and not necessarily relevant and certainly not everyone's reality. Does that make it true? Or is it a question of our subjective definition of reality?  Love the stamps and annoyed that I didn't peel the mailing strip back before scanning.  I have now. AC's composition is always perfectly exact.

New diagnosis for global warming: Bipolar Weather, from Marie Wintzer

Marie personifies weather in exactly the right way with her radiogram cut-ups.  At least I assume they are cut-ups…  Here we are all buttoned up and on high alert for mould. We have a forest of stinging nettles and the grass is verdant.I get an image of a whale in a globally warm sea. And those last two lines are pure regret! Brilliant. and thank you, Marie!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Forever USA, Dylan stamps: WILD HAIR Giecek and Cohen

It's so brilliant to be on the Sticker Dude's mailing list!  Each arrival whispers in my ear in a way that I travel to a different time and remember a world I inhabited then. 

This time I am on a bus in Kenya.  I am sitting with my friend Peggi and behind me are two other friends, Lauren and Ken. We are headed north to Turkana country and we are singing Blood on the Tracks from cover to cover in unison, in the dust.  I'm in the Peace Corps.  We are young.  We are American. We might have even had a harmonica.  We may be irritating the other people around us, from Germany and France, Italy and Spain, but we are oblivious, Forever USA, Forever young.

Oh Bob what cool hair you have,!Oh Bob, oh Ed, oh Joel, thank you

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I look at my calendar and cringe, belatedly (but not yet) Richard

Some people are notoriously late about things and others are always on time.  For most of my life I have fallen into the on time group, not so these days! Everytime I see the date on one of my devices I am filled with dread and shame because I can't seem to complete.  This is bad and it so NOT ME that I am almost convinced I have been taken over by an alien, except I'm sure the alien would have avoided the guilt. My life is great it just seems to be running together at the edges so I can't stretch it anymore.

Richard C, Richard C, Richard C. I'm gonna make up for my appalling behaviour in the near future.  Lucky Pierre, you gave me two chances and all I can say is it will get done in a loving fashion but in this other-wordly time I seem to be keeping!   The packages are amazing!

I would've been crushed if I weren't included… I think I'll just go bake some Peanut Sitting Pretties and think about what I can send to RC when I can!

Chooks away! Stripygoose's birds have flown

Hello everyone! Whoa has it been another busy time and there are still two moves and two graduations to come! But here I am with a minute between demands and so it's with great pleasure that I return to the mailart fold with trashpo wonderfulness from Stripygoose. I didn't get a postmark, just a scribble through the stamp but I'm going to believe it was posted on the 14th with all the other birds, International Migratory Bird Day.  Wow, that's a lot of postage!   

Thanks so much, Stripygoose.  I am so behind that I won't promise a thing, but I still have something half done for you that I keep moving from one pile to another.