Monday, February 23, 2015

My only (other) valentine - Katerina Nikoltsou

Back in the day I made valentines.  They were elaborate things that I poured my heart into.  Nowadays my darling Patrick isn't so lucky, another valentine day and nothing to show for it.  I did get a card from him this year… a lurcher that looks just like our dog, Lyra.  It was signed from 'your rascal' in peculiar handwriting. So it was fabulous to get this other valentine from Katerina!

Very tardy to post… Hlelen's postcards Tofu

To learn more about Tofu's wonderful project and to order the book visit:

Graphic Score (four lines)- Jude Weirmeir (San Diego)

Love getting another version of four lines and especially like a graphic score version.
Brilliant, Jude.  Thank you!

Clemente Padin, Uruguay

Gestures, Suzlee Ibrahim (Malaysia)

Delighted to receive this gesture from Suzlee! It seems to capture the magic of the sea.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Linda French heralds a change in the weather!

Opened up card front and back cover
Opened up card inside

This is my first mail art from Linda French and I Love the way she has used neutrals and colour and those vertical strokes and her circles.  The piece has a musical feel and must be a harbinger of spring… the bleak midwinter is ready to burst into colour!

Many thanks!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doodles from Diane to do more with

Our leader (as depicted above by David Stafford) asked for doodles, so I doodled. It did not go unnoticed here at Nayland Farm.  We have a fairly rigorous routine, both working from home, both pulling our oars, so after breakfast had been eaten and when I didn't leap up to replace the homemade passion fruit and apricot jam in the fridge, Patrick leaned over and asked, 'whatcha doing?' in a perplexed and tolerant voice.  My response, 'I'm doodling for Diane' was not entirely appreciated.  

About a week after I sent my doodles (and they were met with enthusiasm in Elgin), mine arrived from DK, at least I think they're DK's doodles. They aren't signed, but it would be a little weird if they were, you don't usually sign doodles do you?

The next step is to doodle til they're done and this gives me something of an existentialist crisis.  Does she mean fill the page with doodles, add colour to the doodles, make them into a doodle book.  I'm not really asking I am trying to reign my over-zealous side in.

Many thanks Diane!  As ever your enthusiasm is infectious and these doodles are mad!

Perhaps the wine would help the doodles?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

J Block - The DKULT book of Barbie Dressing ideas

I'm not sure because I'm REALLY bad at putting famous faces and names together, but this important (possibly regulation) dressing ideas booklet has probably been sanctioned by the face on the front.  Is that a debutante photo of DK? or KDJ (she lives in Florida and I know they take their debutante balls seriously there) or maybe it's a feminist icon who I should know.  Whoever, whatever, I'm not going to get bogged down by identification.  It's all about the ideas that J has compiled for me to test, possibly sew myself, and all I can say is they are inspiring! 

I hope I am not obliged to send this book on to DKULT headquarters.  No doubt I need it for all the gala events I get to, here on the farm!  and J how did you get those arms, busts and legs to line up?

BTW, did I miss a BARBIE mail art call? 

Pattern of the Times - Bertha Greschak (USA)

Great to receive this little boekie from Bertha. the shape of the book reminds me of a passport and there are traces of a life left in the leaves… the place names seem familiar, but I have never been to the 'danger zone'.  Lots of beginnings here!

I can't find Bertha on IUOMA or on FB, and her mail art blog looks as if it has been abandone, so will reply by snail mail.  If you know Bertha let her know I am quite behind on post, so it may be a little while!

I'm not sure if Bertha intends for me to add to her journal but I suspect I will find a way to build on her ideas in one way or another. Many thanks!