Sunday, April 30, 2017

French Lessons and ephemera from Dave the Rave

This fat envelope arrived from Paris a little while ago. Dave the Rave likes to go to Paris and with this sticker-journal-boekie, I am learning what he does when he goes.

It seems someone likes to shop

in the shadow of the iconic French landscape, they walk, laden with bags.
 They look, Dave records,
 discovers beautiful Easter eggs,
 while sipping cafe between buying handbags and using their orienteering skills - no fluxus travel…
They go where wine waiters help them paint the town red.

 They go to the ZOO!
 They shop for wine and take the bateaux mouches. More cafe, sunglasses, waiting in sunsets.

They eat food that has exotic names and feel replete in a Parisian way.

And this isn't the last time… they will return or travel again and enjoy more holidays soon - after all, the boekie is only just started!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AZazzle ABC and Doodle - Phillip Lerche

Phillip knows I love a good doodle so he sent me an add and pass that Diane Keys began.  As a result I got this zazzle card, that reminds me of stamp carving words the wrong way around, but of course these letters are absolutely right and gesturally coloured!

I am a plastic person and Phillip is a text person but that doesn't make me any less receptive to Phillip's text! I love the samples he sent me.  I makes we want to swing in another direction…
 And thanks for the doodle!  I owe my other doodle fanatics something collaborative. Soon! 

Great stamps!

REconstructed Landscape

Again, I think Tofu and I think alike in that I reckon he keeps leftovers, probably more leftovers than he needs, just in case.  But it is so satisfying when a leftover is reborn, like this one of Tofu's is. In rural Suffolk the fields are in the variations of a green theme.  There are cirlces in the grass all over where mushrooms grow, leaving deeper green rings.  That's probably too literal but certainly what I see is an aerial view, Tofu convinces me of nature at work and reminds me that whether you are in the Bay area or deep Suffolk we all speak the same natural language.

I will be hanging this at my own personal mail art show in my studio over Suffolk Open Studios.
Many thanks, Tofu!

Monday, April 24, 2017

After our Crisis we Mourned Meaning

 Many thanks again to Mudhead Reynolds, this time for his weeping warrior. there is great pathos in this that for me captures the mood of the world at the moment… in the wake of the French election, the US stuff and Brexit as well as an election. Still Mudhead finds energy and humour in his doodly front. Great stuff.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tucked up in a Tapestry - Cuan Miles

Love this patterned postcard from Cuan. where the front and the back speak to each other. The way Cuan has repurposed this postcard is incredibly effective.  It is the sort of thing that makes me want to paint a painting with layers and layers. Illegibility creates mystery and I believe the main character has a story to tell. She, or he is timeless and I am a sucker for a paisley. I discovered a few facts about paisleys: Resembling a twisted tear-drop the paisley design is of Persian and Indian origin, but the modern name, “paisley” is of Scottish descent, made fashionable in Europe by the town of Paisley in Central Scotland.The paisley design is rich in spiritual and symbolic meaning. In India, the paisley signified the time of harvest, a time of both socio-economic and spiritual significance.
I doubt Cuan was thinking about that but what with his flower symbol, it all seems to fit. 
many thanks.  I hope to send you something before too long!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Think Green, behave like an artist and send mail art

I love this world weary but smily at the same time sticker of the sticker dude.  In his ironic remark, 'think green'. And if we all thought green (as in moohla, )we certainly wouldn't be spending part of every day bartering with postcards.

 Opening and reflecting on this from Joel, today, when I actually spent my afternoon making mail art instead of doing the 101 other things I should have been doing, couldn't come at a better time. It's a life and part of my life is this remarkable thing, this bartering of creative ideas. I LOVE THIS MAILING!
 I find this mail art community is such a supportive place and I love the idea that meeting up with mail artists gets documented sticker-form. Maybe we'll meet someday!

I will try to add to this and pass it on.

I am not entirely sure if this is an add and pass too, but I THINK it is a document shared with me because Joel sent words of wisdom to Islington.  They are great words from Vittore Baroni, reminding me AGAIN that this thing of sending mail art is valuable, even if it isn't valued. 

I love the building dialogue through science, as it reminds me of the gulf between me and Joel and our president….metaphor! I'll bet he doesn't even know that word! I feel buffered from the ills of the world from this polstice of a mailing.  Thank you Joel!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Nadir - Poul Poclage - Send mail art to show what artists are doing beyond Suffolk!

Poul was a great supporter of my Spirit of the Forest mail art exhibition, sending me a large wooden piece that got lots of notice at the exhibition held at the Mercury Theatre a few years ago.  He writes that this is his contribution for my 'Suffolk Open Studios' project. 

Suffolk Open Studios is a month of weekends in June when artists open their studios to the public. We have a small space in June at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds, a theatre with gallery wall space,  not enough to showcase all the artists' work… so I suggested hosting a mail art exhibition for people who are part of the open studios to show a little of what they do on a piece of mail art.  I have received a bit so far.  This piece from Poul came as a surprise because it hadn't occurred to me to open up the exhibition beyond the Suffolk artists, mostly because of the limited space.  Having said that, I am game to collect any mail art I receive between now and June 10th and at the very least, hang it in my own studio, or in the bothy (exhibition space) during open studios. If I can find another suitable venue, I will!

Thank you Poul for getting the ball rolling.  In a funny way your title 'Nadir' is perfect for this project.  You are the first and hopefully there will be more! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Compass Community Arts - BANG

One never knows if one's translation of art is in any way what the artist intended, personally I don't think that matters, but sometimes I wonder if I ascribe meaning and intention inaccurately…Having said that, I will comment on this vibrant and unsettling piece by Compass Community Arts with a thumbs up!

Yesterday I saw the Howard Hodgkin portraits at the Portrait Gallery in London. His portraits are emotional responses to situations and people.  Although there are recognizeable figurative elements in some, his objective is to create the FEEL of the person or the situation. I think Compass Community Arts is doing the same thing in this postcard, creating the feeling of being in this world where explosions seem to happen more regulalry and touch people they never used to touch. 


by Howard Hodgkin

In our unsettled world, with the fear, prejudice, anger (and so many more emotions and beliefs) we carry around with us, it's good to see someone expressing this in a way that I for one can relate to. This painted, collaged small postcard travelled through the postal system 'unclothed' - without an envelope, speaking to people along the way. 

I was interested to Read why Compass Community Arts, who I know throught IUOMA, is involved in mail art: 
This is a community Arts project, we meet every week, we are of various ages and backgrounds. Compass started 20 years ago and today we support those with difficulty's such as early Alzheimer', Depression, learning difficulty's and other health conditions that have impacted us physically. With Compass we regain our confidence. 

The following sums up my own idea about the role arts organisations can play in society…
'Art plays many roles in society and, at different times, can speak to issues in areas such as religion, science, politics, and history. Whether introducing an international form of movement to the dance scene, putting a modern spin on Mozart or Bach, or providing a visual interpretation of the effects of war, the arts can provide thought-provoking commentary and innovative perspectives on a vast array of global ideas. Arts organizations should, therefore, play the part of illuminator, conveying the power of art in the discourse of complex subjects. In doing so, arts organizations can exist to broaden the horizons of their communities by encouraging analytical thinking and fostering understanding of different opinions and ideas. Moreover, arts organizations can be more participatory in their own communities by bringing art into the public.'

Many thanks Compass Community Arts for getting me thinking after a tiring day getting my garden out of hibernation!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Now this is a THANK YOU Caroline Fish!

This ATC sized envelope was waiting for me when I returned from a trip to the Lake District.  I finally opened it just now.  Caroline borrowed something from me and returned it in this unique, bespoke, BEAUTIFUL, envelope/ vessel.  Can you tell that Caroline makes bespoke, beautiful pottery?  You can see some of it if you come to our exhibition in Southwold at the end of this month.  See the flyer at the end of this post!  

Peeps to the Rescue, Cascadia Artpost

Apparently, Cascadia Artpost has been working on dioramas for the past three years! The above scene is used as a backdrop for his peeps to play out various representations of various themes.  I remember playing with minature theatres with our children, bringing stories to life.  I love the idea of solving political, economic and social conundrums with peeps.  We sure could use a bit of creative play to solve problems at the moment… oh yeah, they're cutting the budget for that kind of stuff!  Great concept, Cascadia!  Great, slow protest too.

Brush Lines Plus 7 - Theo Nelson

Brush Lines Plus 7 - March 2017 - 03/06/17 Theo Nelson

I haven't heard from Theo for a long time.  It's probably because I owe some mail, so I am even more appreciative for this Asian (style) calligraphy! Just seeing it one the page makes me think of cherry blossoms, and spring, 

Republic of Whimsy Postage - Quizzical Sun

Today we had sun and the hedge has turned green.  the plum trees are in flower and soon it will be the season of hanging the washing on the line to turn to cardboard in the sun. Many thanks, Theo.  I will try to reply soon!