Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Think Green, behave like an artist and send mail art

I love this world weary but smily at the same time sticker of the sticker dude.  In his ironic remark, 'think green'. And if we all thought green (as in moohla, )we certainly wouldn't be spending part of every day bartering with postcards.

 Opening and reflecting on this from Joel, today, when I actually spent my afternoon making mail art instead of doing the 101 other things I should have been doing, couldn't come at a better time. It's a life and part of my life is this remarkable thing, this bartering of creative ideas. I LOVE THIS MAILING!
 I find this mail art community is such a supportive place and I love the idea that meeting up with mail artists gets documented sticker-form. Maybe we'll meet someday!

I will try to add to this and pass it on.

I am not entirely sure if this is an add and pass too, but I THINK it is a document shared with me because Joel sent words of wisdom to Islington.  They are great words from Vittore Baroni, reminding me AGAIN that this thing of sending mail art is valuable, even if it isn't valued. 

I love the building dialogue through science, as it reminds me of the gulf between me and Joel and our president….metaphor! I'll bet he doesn't even know that word! I feel buffered from the ills of the world from this polstice of a mailing.  Thank you Joel!


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  1. :) I've had fun browsing through your blog and enjoying all the creative mail art!