Saturday, January 28, 2017

In The Thickets Evening - Vizma mailing

This package came from Vizma quite some time ago.  I knew she wasn't on social media and I am blogging slowly. When vVzma dressed up her cats she wouldn't have know that women all over the world would be donning pink pussy hats and taking to the streets, but this card has new resonance for me. The CATS Meouw.

Like Carina, Vizma is a wrapper... and this wrapping may need to go into my fusing pile, rather than be archived. I love anything polka dotted and transparent with yellows spots, ooh la la.

Vizma is also a master of the cut up. She and Marie have a very special way with words and text. This time we seem to have a hephalump as well. Look closely at the words.  What Vizma has chosen is definitely her lexicon! HEH HEH HEH. 

Vizma and I collaborated on the two above postcards. 

And not only that, Vizma is tireless and such an inspiration, an absolute mail art trouper. But the really impressive thing is the breadth and beauty of everything she sends!  

The final few scans are a beautiful card story, laced together combining imagery and words in a funny and esoteric triumph. Huge thanks as ever, Vizma!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

20 years without LINO - Tunbridge Wells Calling

IUOMA is an amazing place.  This free to all platform where mail artists congregate is where Ruth found me. Imagine making your first linocut in 20 years! Well Ruth, these prints are fab and I suspect they will take you in lots of exciting directions.  I'm glad your terrific experiments found me. Joseph Beuys and his fluxus approach is a perfect place to begin again and again and again.  You should exchange with David Stafford, that ATC feels like it comes out of his collection.  Many thanks and I'll respond soon.

Ori Arrives - Poul Poclage

Poul sent me this painting a little while ago, but I hadn't opened the mail until this evening. There is often something to learn when you open a new piece of mail art and this time the clue was in the title at the back ' Ori Second'. Before I share what I learned on the internet, I will drink in the yellows of this dystopian imagery. As ever, I feel the generosity of other artists as I hold the 18.2 x 20cm acrylic. 

The Ori (pronounced or-eye; alternate spelling "Orii") were a collective of Ascended Beings who manifested themselves in a wall of fire in the City of the Gods on the Plains of Celestis in a far galaxy that was original home of the Ancients who were called the Altera those many millions of years ago. 

I believe it has something to do with Stargate, but I'm not sure.

Poul wishes me a year of great art (in spite of Trump).  If this is the start, I'm sure it will be and I thank you for your gift. Be patient.  I'm still working slowly

You can find more of Poul's work here:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Forests in urban paint - Tofu St John

These two cards and art to hide in a book arrived from Tofu in the early new year. Twenty years of paintbrushes and Haight Forest share a vertical theme, in keeping with Tofu's cut ups that I have received (with enthusiasm) in the past. Both of these are comments on time and how we travel through it. 

But I have to admit to adoring his painted brushes on the card to hide in a book even more… Only someone who loves to paint could create such sympathetic, life-like creatures.  Brushes are like pets.
Thank you Tofu for making me smile and smell the turps!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Zeitgeist 2016 - Cascadia Artpost

Really, really not sure how this slipped through and missed my blogging pile for so long… No doubt about it, Cascadia Artpost's Fractured image of Trump and Clinton shouting about their causes juxtaposed with the drinks party smiles tell it all… These great images zero in on the mood of the nation - even the world - at that moment in time. Although a bad story, Cascadia Artpost has nailed it!

David's a Giver and doodles too!

I've been getting free stuff in the mail lately but nothing as exciting as this free art gift card from David in Santa Fe.  I am not sure how I redeem it, but will certainly do it before the deadline! what a giver and love that I am a givee! One things for sure, in this political climate we need all the freebies we can get and as much love and care too.  There's a great vibe coming from NM. Thank you!

 So I am a little slow in responding to mail art and blogging. My life seems to have been about feeding people for some weeks now, but rest assured fellow mail artists, the highlight of my day is still unlocking the deadbolt and lifting the lid on the mail box to see if anything has arrived.  and that's my excuse for a double bill of David the giver. I got a fat envelope of doodles!

This one must be inspired by our friend Meeah! Love it!

Everyone  is on their phone...

'I stuffed his mouth with a ball full of string' 

What a wonderful assortment of whimsy and commentary on daily life.  Perhaps the next addition of DKult Doodle Therapy needs to be about one of David's themes.  I will look with care and get back to you.  don't miss all the characters and their conversations.