Monday, June 30, 2014

Singing in the Rain from Amy Irwen

It has spluttered here on and off for a few days, although in East Anglia we are mostly dry.  But I have been sining in ever since I got this joyous card from Amy! amy calls it 'doodle art'.  I'm sure stripygoose will be jealous.  Many thanks, Amy!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Late to arrive but much appreciated Monochrome from Mariana Serban!

This will be hung in the upcoming exhibition on Cranberry Island at on the Ipswich waterfront.  Although I have a 'theme' for the call: Maritime Mail Art and Very Berrry Maritime Mail Art, I am accepting all interpretations.  Mariana's piece arrived shortly after the Monochrome, Semitone, odachrome exhibition had come down.  GREAT PITY, but I look forward to sharing this soon!Marian

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tape transfer perfection from Fake Fine Art

I'm not sure I can explain why this piece feels just right to me… Fake fine Art has used tape transfer in a way that builds the surface irregularly making the images obscure, recede and  come forward simultaneously.  She uses colour in a way that feels like a hand coloured photo and the structure, the planes of the piece are true. Every dab of latex, every line of black and white is considered and exact, without being in the least bit prissy.  It is un-nostalgically vintage. Bravo and thank you!

Jack Oudyn sends me three for the price of one!

I am the excited beneficiary of some beautiful work from Jack Oudyn's micropress. In my book, three for the price of one usually has some downside - these little books don't seem to be the stuff of bin ends.  Each is a little gem and I am delighted to add them to my collection!   I love Jack's wit and he makes me almost wish I taught teenagers again.  I would be the coolest teacher if I brought these books in for the delectation of my students!  Thank you Jack.  I owe you some mail art… 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bad romance from Elgin

1. according to Vizma, pink mail art is always good, so this is a very conflicted entry.
2. that face is too sweet to be a b@@@@.  DK you are very very bad but I'm not sure this is bad mail art!