Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Anna Banana sends EVERY DAY ART

3.5 x2.5"

This is a little stamp

This mail art from Anna is definately correspondence art.  I saw Anna's name  (recently) on the wall of a local museum because the museum was hosting an exhibition of xerography.

Interestingly, I had written to the museum and spoken to someone at the museum because I wanted to offer a weekend workshop (FOR FREE) on mail art to generate some interest for 25 years of IUOMA. NO REPLY.  So, like many before me, I decided I should go local and smaller and got the message that I AM NOT the kind of artist (mail artist) they need at the museum!  I see they must be running workshops on mail art there (without me) because they have a copy of 'good mail day' in the family area.

So, Anna wrote back  (Oct 17/13) with all the stuff above plus a note or two.  She writes that she 'loves working with left-overs' and that she also likes miniature pieces which are shareable and mailable. She's calling her current work: Every Day Art.  Did Anna do a pech kucha?  I have done one in a professional context but would really like to go to one with creatives!

Apparently Anna got three copies of the catalog! The fact that she was one of the only women on the mail art wall did not go unnoticed…

Blue skies and relatively warm when Anna wrote.  Frost on the pumpkins and many trees down here.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Vizma' trashpo apple cure

If ever you feel ineffectual, unglamorous and even a tiny bit of a wall flower, Vizma's apple cure will do the trick! 
Vizma has a way of making trash feel like the stuff of REAL books. I can't quite establish where the leftover bits and the trasformation begin and end.  I feel like I'm reading an Eric Carle book... but this one is top pocket size and much funnier!

Can you spot the pocket with the bespoke stamps sticking out from beneath the apt explanation:  
Art is long, life is short.

 What apple book would be complete without the apple on a a string, eaten by the standing mink? 

Clearly the cure for all insecurity is to eat an apple!
I live next to an apple orchard and although we have plenty of our own apples, I can't help but scrump an apple now and again  as I pass through.  Koalas might not eat apples, but our dog Lyra does. As soon as I pick one she is jumping up to remind me to save her a piece.
I'm sure the bad apple should be wearing pink cowboy boots?

 Oh Doris, you make it look so easy!

As ever, Vizma packs a visual punch with this informative, aestetically pleasing trashpo collage on apple!  Thank you, Vizma.

PS LOVE the inverted envelope!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lorella Castagnini sends greeting from Italy!

Delighted to receive such a burst of colour and spirit from Genova!  It's nearly the 5th of November and somehow Lorella's post reminds me.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Zlatko from Macedonia

This is my first mail from Macedonia and I think it should really be filed as a memory, but for some reason I think The Postal Ledger has more of an audience than Memories are Made of This and I wouldn't want you to miss this postcard by Zlatko.

As an aside, I need to say that Patrick has spent time in Macedonia with a Zlatko - I like coincidences like that. I don't know what the translation of Zlatko is, but I like the way the name sounds and the way it looks.

What I really like about this card is the confident and fluent way Zlatko travels between collage, illustration and painting. He creates a visual memory that conjures up an icon, for me.

I also love the way Zlatko uses his stamps. He is drawing with his stamps.  I love the way he uses pressure and line!  Thank you Zlatko, don't worry I will certainly hang this at the next Memories pop up show!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Braincell 869

I think Ryosuke is reminding me that I haven't sent a stamp in some time... I recognise Niklas Heed and a few others...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

PetrolPetal shares mailart

I love to read the IUOMA blurbs and see why people are involved with mail art.  Petrolpetal seems to be new to the network, although I know when I first signed on at IUOMA that I wrote the current date even though I had been sending mailart for many years before because I understood the question in a particular way... But I digress.

Petrolpetal says she likes to share and I know that feeling, we also share the expectation of a piece of mail travelling and being held by someone somewhere, someone who we might never really know. Ah mail art.

Petrolpetal won't know that I lived by lantern light for 2 1/2 years while in Kenya, so her motif instantly connected me to her. You can't really feel the gold in this scan, but there is a warmth and a generosity in her choice of gold, or that's how I feel it.

Great to begin a correspondence.

JJalltheway is back!

I got aquainted with Jennifer Jones when I was part of mailart 365.  I loved her aesthetic collages and we traded regularly.  Although she has been off the radar for a while, it is clear that she still has her touch! 

JJ tells me she is working on a series of NOW works with a few purposes. The figure (should I know her?) looks like she means business.  JJ is determined to kick the procrastination habit.  That's great news and I'll do my part in keeping her on the straight and narrow!

Holism from Simon Warren

Behind the holes is a page from the REAL postal ledger, Simon has emptiness in his holes.  I hardly know what to think of Simon's recent departures!