Monday, October 7, 2013

Braincell 869

I think Ryosuke is reminding me that I haven't sent a stamp in some time... I recognise Niklas Heed and a few others...


  1. Rebecca, I wanted to thank you for your sewed paths and islands. Wonderful mail. I loooove the paper you used, I love looking at it, from both sides, reading into rumpled cracks. It is visual poetry at its very best, thank you so much!
    (I will blog it at some point) :-)
    love from me

    1. Delighted you like it! It was one of those obsessional making things. I took a photo of it that I love, maybe more, which I painted from - the painting is only OK, though. Absolutely no need to blog. You are a fun person to send to and the piece never would have been made without the things you have sent me! You are an amazing inspiration!

  2. So heartwarming. I can't tell you how much...