Monday, February 25, 2019

Mailart for chewing

Tonight I sent our dog, Lyra, to my friend Jeni's.  We have a family funeral and Jeni stepped into the breach. I have a foggy memory of visiting Jeni and seeing a cat. I really have no idea if she does, but this mail art might haunt me tonight!  Lyra barks at cats and chases them up trees. Even the word mandible makes me flinch a bit. And I don't think I was ever bitten as a kid. And then again it's all rather beautiful.  Thank you Cascadia!

Blue Jeans con Camicia

 Delighted with this blue mailing from Bruno Chiarlone. I checked out the postmark and am horrified to see that it has taken me more than a month to post the beautiful work 
 I spy Cavellini.


...and the repetition of form, maps, Warhol, numbers all of which heralds the contents of the mail art! Many, many, thanks.  I made a few pieces of mail art over the weekend and am looking forward to making a big mailing soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Aliens Took My Mail Art

Druid David and Patti came to England and we had fun.  I told you that before. What I didn't tell you was that one day David sent me news of his onward trip to the most famous standing stones just down the A303 a little way- a drive and a view I used to make/see often bound for Cornwall and Devon. We don't go that way so aften now so it was GREAT to see the stones (and David and Patti) upclose.  I suspect that Dave did a little creative cutting and pasting to get close enough to those stones though… I am very late posting this because I filed it somewhere and only found it today. Thank you Dave. 

Tofu's Orange Track of Memory

I have no idea if Tofu was thinking about those orange tracks we used to assemble when we played hot wheels but I was delighted to find that I remembered them when I looked at his beautiful painted postcard!
What I found on the 'google machine' when I in put orange matchbox track 

I discovered in this mailing two truths… Tofu loved matchbox too and he is an Anglophile and I guess I am too. Many thanks Tofu. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mossographic inspiration

 In our family, we like to make things. Around the house in Maine my mother's garden is a work of art.   Inside you find still life and an abundance of flowers.  It's not surprising that I am inspired and can't help but draw. 

At Christmas time my mother comes to England and when she goes back she makes a calendar (or used to) and her holiday card.  This is the 2019 version. Her photoshop skills are fantastic, although you don't need them with images like these!

Trying to smile with the weight of the world - The Feel of Paint

Sam King and I trade ideas.  I sent her a portrait I had sketched for in the summer and in the autumn she sent me this energetic, haptic swirl of paint. I see it as trying to smile with the weight of the world - The Feel of Paint.  Thank you Sam! Gorgeous colours too.

Christmas Woodcut

One of the extra special things about going to Maine is that it is a magnet for artists of all kinds.  We have poets, painters, photographers and rural craftspeople aplenty.  Ahni Kruger is an artist who found Cranberry Island and now is a friend too.  It's great when we are on the island at the same time.  Ahni comes to the garden to paint or we walk and find a secret cove to paint and draw together. Ahni is also very generous with her work.  Last summer she gave me a big beautiful etching that I've had framed, finally, and this year's christmas card was this evocative wood cut.  Thank you Ahni and see you in Maine!