Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reply from Anna Banana's exhibition - June Haynes

When I sent my doodle-mad envelope for Anna Banana's exhibition I enclosed a doodle therapy booklet, one of the first! This reply came the other day. Of course I wish I could have been at the show to see the mail art in all its splendour and to be part of a piece of mail art history, but I am delighted that June noticed my mail art and replied!  

Katerina 's cut up canvas stirs up Autumn spirits!

Always brilliant to get some autumn magic from Katerina! I can feel the leaves stirring .  Great haptic piece and I do believe Katerina has made her own PINK washi tape! A beautiful collage, thank you!
I will send the context page off too.  I think it's my second one.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cardboard Club - DKult trashmindfulness - Robert Ridley shackleton

For an exhibition I've been involved with that looked at the role visual art can play in wellbeing, I read up on mindfulness. I see picking up trash as the activity part of a mindful walk,  and I think RRS assembles his trash and then annotates it a way that I find mindful.  IMHO this piece is an exquisite example of trashmindfulness.  I would hazard that trashmindfulness is an aesthetic that is shared, but interpreted differently by other trashpoets we know and adore: Diane Keys, Jim Leftwich, Eduardo Cardoso and others. RRS, many thanks for indoctrinating me into the club! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Questionaire piece for solo voice with pantomime - Jude Weirmeir

So far I have read the rules (to myself) and read the first four questions aloud, ticking the box with my personal response (using the pencil of my mind). I suspect in a few days (when my cough and sore throat are gone) that you will find me in an extremely narrow space, leading the silverfish in a chorus of Jude's hilarious and high drama QUESTIONAIRE in my own SOLO voice.

I suspect there will be innuendo, unexpected rhythm, tricky characterisation, and challenging diction ahead!

Join me in a standing ovation for Jude's subscription opus issue 100, which I will be delighted to perform!

Please file under received with thanks.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lucky Pierre sends origami shark doodles from Gyspy Island

THE ONLY THING that might have made this perfect mailing even better would have been if the folded envelope had been stuffed with shark's teeth! I love a newsy, doodled, innovative piece of mailart and Lucky Pierre has delivered that! I have already googled LP's reading suggestions: Milton Glaser and Drawing is Thinking, Sunni Brown's the Doodle Revolution and John Hendrix's Drawing is Magic and feel we are all in good company.  Free-range doodling is it.

I have a stack of Doodle therapy TLPs to send out, still. All quite pandemonium here.  And am so lucky that anyone is sending me anything. BUT hopefully it will get calm soon and until then, I will dream of sharks teeth, and owls unfolding themselves in pizza slices from the sky.  Thank you, Lucky Pierre! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Funny Swee and the missing bee - arty slides and xerography from Angie Cope

I believe these arty slides began in Greece and were sent by Katerina to Angie and then onto me.  I haven't thought about slides for a while, so it's quite exciting to think about the format again, after a hiatus. they feel like haikus.I may adopt a seasonal approach.

This scrap is an exciting plastic-like material that I imagine Angie saving JUST FOR ME. 
And I assume it is raw trash.

Some of the pages of this xerography add and pass. Below, more material and embellishments.  Note the Snookie stamp!

I have been completely snowed under, again.  A big exhibition event I was coordinating came off on Wednesday - it was brilliant, and I should have more time again, but some other family things are trumping my time at the moment, so I need to be patient and eventually I will find my mail art equilibrium!  Many Thanks, Angie! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Snappy from BC and his Anatomy of (a) Genius

Rolicking fun from Studio J! Snappy in New york high on dancing. I appreciate the beautifully placed fueling paraphenalia  and provocative cut and thrust of action, non-action, anatomy.  I wonder if Snappy and Mailarta visited Anna Banana for her mail art exhibition?