Sunday, October 4, 2015

An invite to the Squirrel Museum - Connie Jean is back!

Announcing Connie, the amazing, magnificent, invincible canary! With a flush of lemon and some really great stamps, Connie announces her return to the mail art scene. Not dead, gonenuts, and still bananas. 

I haven't got a really great excuse for my invisibility of late, except the ubiquitous time warp. I'll be adding to and sending back to Connie soon. The only thing I know about squirrels is that they sound like they're wearing boots when they run up and down in an attic and they eat my walnuts.  Many thanks, Connie, and welcome back!

Not sure why I am getting new Rituals work… that mail art exhibition came down about a year ago, but maybe it's a hint that it's about time I launched a new mail art call?

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