Sunday, October 4, 2015

Diane Keys Dkult Doodle Therapy updated doodles

Not only are we adding and passing doodles these day, Diane has my envelope ping ponging between continents, returning the contents to sender with English stamps (again)
I am the lucky recipient of altered trash, pure trash, aesthetic trash and of course the round-robin of doodles. I AM SO BEHIND on everything but I have two stacks of TLPs to send out and so much time has elapsed since I made them that I'm not sure I can remember who I sent to and who I meant to send to… 

According to my mindfulness book, the frenetic, fragmented life I am living is Toxic. Toxis, It's all the same.  I am craving long stretches of making mail art replies. I need to get my act together before the Barfa Spewart gift swap is upon us again!

So great to get part of the doodle therapy book back! 

Found object

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  1. Woo hoo!! U r right itz almost barfa season. I have 2 totally tacky abominations ready to be made into something even worse but DVS is disqualified