Thursday, July 19, 2018

Monkeys! This is nothing to laught about!

I have to admit reading up on Thomas Paine and James Polk in order to make more snese of the lineup of historical figures Sticker Dude draws my attention to. When I was a kid i memorised the presidents in order because my dad bribed me to do it.  a lotta good that did me…I didn't even remember that Polk was a president… Blamed for war with Mexico etc hesounds like something of a loose canon.  We know that Frankenstein was really a good egg, just didn't know his own strength and the victim of harassment and jealousy but he caused a lot of pain and destruction. The Fake President is definitely going down in history and I will wager he'll give Richard Nixon a run for his money on deviousness and chaos. and Paine was a French revolutionary (but also wrote some key documents) and comes from near me. Still they are all a bunch of reprobates and Monkeys, it's nothing to laugh about!

I spend my days in the studio, working.  But for the past few weeks since I discovered I could download news podcasts, I have stopped being an avid Radio Three follower (classical)  and instead can tell you blow by blow the latest debacle our governments are involved in. It's ruining my work and I miss the music. And that's not mentioning trips to London to speak my mind. It is not a fun house but it is pretty warped.

So much good stuff here in this envelope, take a careful look.  I explained in a recent email that I can't scan lots of photos or my computer crashes and one of these days it will not resurrect as I have been informed it's the hard drive and it's vintage so no can fix. so I have to scan everything together. Some of the images are thanks to Thomas Kerr.  I have made a note of your new address, Joel.  Mail art is on the horizon for me, so you should benefit soon. Thank you! Love the Ray Johnson postcard and the fluxus bucks too.

Low tech Tofu meets HIgh tech Ledger

Tofu's palette and my palette mesh and the same sorts of things that interest Tofu, interest me.  I love the way he has focused me on the the computer stamp. I missed it the first time around. 

I think people need a certain amount of low tech to feel fulfilled.  I certainly do. Now if only there was a little more time to execute all these long-winded ideas. Thank you Tofu. I love the way your stamps speak of connections and Ipromise to connect in the post soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

DKult advises: 'it's better to hop'

First of all, I am sorry not to be able to scan each item individually, as I usually do.  My hard drive is kaput but if I avoid certain things, like scanning and posting lots of photos … (my last major crash was preceded by doing that) I am hoping I can make it until I go to Maine where I can replace it. So on top of the usual stream of excuses for being a poor correspondent, I have a REALLY really good one.  It took me three days to get up and running again this time. It must be Toxis.

I have had this MA from Diane for a while.  It's made me consider planting a maze, teaching Patrick hopscotch,  and how annoying and how much fun typewriters used to be. It also makes me consider what collage is, whether words can be visual poetry when they are simply xeroxed together. My thinking is yes. 

I have some DKult doodle therapy booklets to mail out and then I'll be hiding in a cove somewhere near Acadia. Thank you DK.  I think I am almost back.

E (and Monty) are stamp collecting

Ooh la la, I haven't heard from or about E in a long time.  I will make something red and black to affix to this add and pass and hopefully it will make a circuitous voyage to E's fan club.  Thank you for thinking of me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fun with Xacto

When I make a postcard I usually think ONE side then THE OTHER side.  Keith can make them relate in an absolutely aesthetically subtle and beautiful way. How does he do that?

I love the light pencil note and the postal marks too.  Definately a keeper!  Thank you Keith.

Delighted with gelightful Book For Mail Art from Kauizawa

Delighted to receive this wonderful book a few weeks ago and then to peruse and wonder what I sent in (couldn't remember) and whether it was shown anywhere. Lo and behold I saw something that might have been it and then I went through my files and yup, the arrow below points to my mail art! It was when I was making altered crumpled envelopes.  I still do that but I was obsessed then. 

I haven't had time to read the english in the book from cover to cover.  My hard drive is failing but a fan pad is helping.  My printer won't recognise my ink so on all fronts I am stymied at the moment! Never mind. I took a few moments out to watch the World cup and unfortunately saw the other team score a second goal… 

I will blog select passages as I find them.