Wednesday, July 18, 2018

DKult advises: 'it's better to hop'

First of all, I am sorry not to be able to scan each item individually, as I usually do.  My hard drive is kaput but if I avoid certain things, like scanning and posting lots of photos … (my last major crash was preceded by doing that) I am hoping I can make it until I go to Maine where I can replace it. So on top of the usual stream of excuses for being a poor correspondent, I have a REALLY really good one.  It took me three days to get up and running again this time. It must be Toxis.

I have had this MA from Diane for a while.  It's made me consider planting a maze, teaching Patrick hopscotch,  and how annoying and how much fun typewriters used to be. It also makes me consider what collage is, whether words can be visual poetry when they are simply xeroxed together. My thinking is yes. 

I have some DKult doodle therapy booklets to mail out and then I'll be hiding in a cove somewhere near Acadia. Thank you DK.  I think I am almost back.

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