Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Collaborating across time and revisiting stuff with Doodling David

David is on a mission to revisit, transform and divest himself of stuff by drawing, repurposing and then putting a stamp on it. He calls it redacting. It's always difficult to decide what to do with those envelopes with windows. David has added a sort of manga face with a laughing scowl in his x 2, creating a fetching front cover to his mailing.
 The details David has added to his sister's vintage map are indeed important geological formations which have been erupting all over the island of Great Britain since Trump was sworn in.  These red-faced wanker-banker goon-tycoons think thier coastal positions will guarantee them prime real estate, power and the right to rule.  Ha ha, they should seek higher ground.  The sea is rising.  Global warming is lapping at their shores.
 Thanks David. It's great to get your hand-me-downs.

Friday, August 18, 2017

More Resistance from Mars

I heard a fascinating programme on women's hour today.  There was a panel of women from the Charlottesville protest.You can find it here and it's today's women's hour, 18th August, 2017 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007qlvb/episodes/player You might be able to access it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b090vdk3 I think Mars is speaking to the current climate of a rarified climate for women like us and what our role should be.   whatever she meant, it is a great image with a nudge and wink and a pattern of behaviour.

Holism and stamps

I'm not sure how I could wait so long to post this hilarious (to artistamp makers/mail artists and anoraks of a particular type) mailing from Cascadia artpost! Is it really THAT OLD? 1989, the year I got married (because of mail art).Just goes to show you that nothing much (except for Trump's cabinet) really changes much. My personal favourite is the rake.

Thanks and sorry it's taken me so long to acknowledge! Great other stamps too!

Brain Cell 986

 I need to get back on the F'ing bus with my mail art! DKULT. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/feb/23/change-life-helsinki-bus-station-theory

Carina's missing mail artists and body parts

What a great project but what a lame mail artist I am!  Imagine making Carina wait for months!  I promise it has nothing to do with arrogance and I have to admit that when I finally ear marked the time it was lots of fun to respond to Carina's quirky call!  I actually finished it weeks ago and even put a stamp on it but hoped to add more to the envelope.  In the end I decided to mail it from the airport and then forgot so I had the dilemna of whether to put US postage on top of the UK postage  or to wait…and in the end I saved I and mailed it earlier in the week.  Hopefully Carina received it, or if not, don't scroll down until you do, Carina!

Sticker Dude's 'Nibble' Philosophy

I have just returned from our annual summer Cranberry Island trip, not to be confused with my garden working holiday in May. I scanned a bunch of thing before I left with the intention of blogging them from Maine but I got started on a project and AGAIN that took precedence.  It's appalling!

I had started a blog and have lost the plot so will try to dig the mail art out and see what I was thinking.  It began: 'I  never exchanged mail art with Harley http://www.terracandella.com/artistamps/index.html https://oberlinreview.org/12505/news/remembering-oberlin-artist-harley-founder-of-terra-candella/ but Buzz Blur… Sticker Dude and Mike Dicau must have. ' I love the image and love the tradition of honouring special mail artists with their own stamp. the sentiment of nibbling away at society's thick hide with love and sharp teeth is certainly what Sticker Dude practices!

The article about Comey is still as apt today as it was in the height of the Comey Era of Trump's presidency. And although news moves fast, Bannon today, other idiocy yesterday, we need to keep nibbling.

Midget City proves that news has always been more fake than real, or something! Take a close look at all the wonderful stamps and big thanks, Sticker Dude!  Life continues to run away from me but just wait for the late summer catch up! It's coming!