Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Paying tribute to Dystrumpian Chassis

 It seems à propos to shine a light on Cascadia Artpost's Dada Trumph Motors (diorama) around the time when General Motors has announced the cutting of some of its plants in North America. 

One has to wonder what the impact of the DT poster has on peeps...

 Wonderful to see the peeps discussing the Fender Roads Totem.   I'd venture that Bloody Red Accident Collage could be more effective on road rage than those classes people who speed have to take.

 Beware of wire taps. Rudy explains that he needs to get info to feed back to the leader. Honesty will not be tolerated.

 Gold bricking.  Remember DTM and the leader have impeccable taste.
And finally, in the midst of the the hollow world of DTM, humanity  prevails.

 I am in awe.  Cascadia paints within his diorama, showing us all how dystopian life could be.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I did and even though I felt like the world was in freefall and had to go to bed before the results began rolling in, it worked out in lots of places. Thanks for commemorating this insane election year so beautifully! We need some election reform badges now.

Crociata: mail art crusade

There's always a risk when you use Google translate to understand your mail art. This figure is on a crusade of joy and what's more joyous than a postbox full of mail art, unless you are hopelessly behind in sending and blogging! The back of this beauty is  a poly pocket sheet. So not only is this collaged vispo, it is also trashpo.

 Is this a page of Cheryl's book? Mailart makes the world a town? And it's another map woman.
 Calligraphy anchors this trashpo collage 

Thank you, Bruno, it's a beautiful mailing!

eye spy castles and oeils

I find language you can't read, words that may mean something but stand as graphics on a page alluring. 

Mikel straddles the world of asemics and visual poetry and I am impressed. I am tempted to read the paler yellow sheet and can pick out some words and then wonder if this pattern is meaningful or if the meaning is in the spaces between the words, in the sounds they make. I try to read the words aloud. I can't say them at all. The eye helps and the castle stamp makes me see castles.
It's beautiful stuff. Thank you Mikel

Pears, Grapes and the Cooperative Garden

This afternoon I cut back my garden.  It is frosty in the mornings and when the sun goes down.  Most of my Dahlias have died back and only a few roses persist. 

Cascadia Artpost and I share a love of gardening.  The seeds I sewed that Cascadia sent are still offering me joy.  The rudbeckia are flowering and other plants are waiting for the spring to bloom. I love this diorama and the idea of comunity gardening as Cascadia sees it.

My message from Cascadia relates to the WONDERFUL gummed artistamps he sent earlier.  I still won't have the courage to use them but they will be safely filed in the big boxes that I shimmy around in the loft of my studio.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Received Dkult mailing Garbage with a Dream!

There's poetry in the way Diane Keys mixes her text and trash. YOU are directed around, through, under and beyond.  I feel like I am in the sky, flying through veils of pastel coloured air. The wind whips up stuff and it drifts into envelopes.  Letters dance. I need this.

 'He thrusts his fists across the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.' Belatedly happy Halloween!

And Diane mailed me back my Dkult Doodle therapy sheet. That seems so 2016.  Thanks how do I make it 2019?   I submitted for the pastel society today so have a year to send mail art again!  And I will.