Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Paying tribute to Dystrumpian Chassis

 It seems à propos to shine a light on Cascadia Artpost's Dada Trumph Motors (diorama) around the time when General Motors has announced the cutting of some of its plants in North America. 

One has to wonder what the impact of the DT poster has on peeps...

 Wonderful to see the peeps discussing the Fender Roads Totem.   I'd venture that Bloody Red Accident Collage could be more effective on road rage than those classes people who speed have to take.

 Beware of wire taps. Rudy explains that he needs to get info to feed back to the leader. Honesty will not be tolerated.

 Gold bricking.  Remember DTM and the leader have impeccable taste.
And finally, in the midst of the the hollow world of DTM, humanity  prevails.

 I am in awe.  Cascadia paints within his diorama, showing us all how dystopian life could be.

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