Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fluxus Fish from Mars Tokyo!

So excited (and a little daunted) to receive another beautiful, exciting card from Mars Tokyo, this time clearly labeled FLUXUS, in case I'm not sure this time! And you know, the repetition of colour, the humorous X over the eye, the balance are flux with an aesthetic eye. I am so far behind, I have never caught up this year but Mars Tokyo, you are on the top of my list. Many thanks!

Jude Weirmeir - Subscription Opus Issue 97 Interval Maze

I guess June is the month of the game… Jude has me moving my finger frosquare to square finding a way in and way out.  I wonder if you could project this onto a lawn and try to walk it.  I have been holding it up to series of objects to frame a part to complete my own score. and on the front, fabulous musical colour energy propels me up, like a crescendo.

Pasta and the Gogoons - Marie Wintzer

Marie has created a whimsical hilarious game boekie that is for people without short-term memory deficit. 

Beginning on page 3 you are in Kapalumpa and which is in dire danger, a hectapus, of course, is about to swallow it. You have two choices.  I chose 11, because I'm brave. Well, sort of.  I would choose a last drink 'before leaving Kapalumpa so that's 94. Clearly I am invigorated, I would never set foot in a gym and hate treadmills. So I end up in front of the 'giant mushroom tagliatella' (66) All of these options could work.  I love the picture of cutting off a chunk and gobbling it up. 
And the game goes on! 

I like the idea of growing mushrooms.  I'm like that, intriqued and then I take a little detour.  But this detour takes me to a dead end.  BUT I DO HAVE GREEN THUMBS.  So I go back.

There is every temptation to cheat and find the perfect path through and I did find myself turning back and forth through pages, juggling double-digit numbers in my head and then in the end I read it straight through, imagining how Marie composed this.  Did it require a map? The images are perfect for the words.  It is the height of silliness, yet tells us so much about how we construct narrative.  This is a little gem!

Monday, June 22, 2015

A close up look at doodling between continents

I received these nine letter pages (so 36 pages to add dooddles to) from Diane Keys, Elgin, who is leader of the DKult movement.  This very fat booklet looks very official so as soon as I saw it, my curiosity was piqued. 

As you can see, This PINK insert proves that Diane is self-aware enough to realise that although a seemingly harmless activity, doodle therapy can  be classified by some as 'abnormal' .

There are many completely empty pages in this FILE, so in fact, Diane has sent me an extremely precious (and expensive) doodle therapy tool, paper...about 38 cents per page when you take postage into the equation. Our postman did not flinch when directed (by the mailing label) to deliver the envelope to DKult UK c/o doodle therapy inc (Even though in her haste MS Keys had forgotten the 'v' in Guyver! 'Don't worry she'll know' clearly convinced him that it was all going to be OK.

I notice a lot of writing in the Doodle Therapy FILE . I have to admit that I am not certain if the writing is a form of doodle, a prompt for doodles, or 'trash' that can be re-purposed as doodle therapy. Then again, it may be thoughts on doodles or THERAPY.  After all there is nothing that says doodle therapy is only DOODLE THERAPY.

 I believe I read somewhere that Diane collected these snippets at the local Elgin asylum.  Is that a code word for Elgin Mansion, and if so , who are the current inmates? Are there clues?

The back cover is a reminder that life as a DKulter can be onerous.  D Keys started the FILE in May and now it's June.  We have a quick turn-around goal for all DKult Doodle Therapies so I better get to work adding to and making sense of the latest doodle conondrum ready to send on to other doodling DKulters - you know who you are. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mailmania Catalogue and more

Delighted to have been part of this.  Dame Mailarta is amazing. The entire catalogue is online  at the link below.  I noticed that I was only the 5th person to view most of the pages.  What a thorough and beautiful documentation.  WOW. I'll certainly be sending again this year.