Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pasta and the Gogoons - Marie Wintzer

Marie has created a whimsical hilarious game boekie that is for people without short-term memory deficit. 

Beginning on page 3 you are in Kapalumpa and which is in dire danger, a hectapus, of course, is about to swallow it. You have two choices.  I chose 11, because I'm brave. Well, sort of.  I would choose a last drink 'before leaving Kapalumpa so that's 94. Clearly I am invigorated, I would never set foot in a gym and hate treadmills. So I end up in front of the 'giant mushroom tagliatella' (66) All of these options could work.  I love the picture of cutting off a chunk and gobbling it up. 
And the game goes on! 

I like the idea of growing mushrooms.  I'm like that, intriqued and then I take a little detour.  But this detour takes me to a dead end.  BUT I DO HAVE GREEN THUMBS.  So I go back.

There is every temptation to cheat and find the perfect path through and I did find myself turning back and forth through pages, juggling double-digit numbers in my head and then in the end I read it straight through, imagining how Marie composed this.  Did it require a map? The images are perfect for the words.  It is the height of silliness, yet tells us so much about how we construct narrative.  This is a little gem!


  1. Oh wooow you scanned everything! And you played really well!! :-))) I'm very happy. (I was quite sure you had green thumbs)…. Hugs and thank you for the great blog!!

  2. Marie, it's perfect and it tickles my mind! Thank you!