Friday, January 26, 2018

Tic Tac's post is always remarkable, beautiful and fool of goodies.  This mailing is no exception! 

From the fishbowl man and his inspecting accomplice and the women doing what women do,  REALLY? the envelope made me smile and I'd rent a space on the back of a tic tac envie, no question!

The stamps.  The stamps. And the Marie Antoinette cupcake project postcard! right down to the palm sized etc bookie.  Great stuff.  You won't believe it but I have already put some stuff in an envelope ready to mail to you!  Many thanks.
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hard Boiled … the cold has gone to my head

First, big thanks for the holiday card.  I am sorry I haven't blogged before now! The image is brilliant, even if this literal mind isn't quite sure exactly the message i am meant to be taking. 

Quite a few years ago, now, I worked for a book publisher americanising books. sometimes humour doesn't translate and sometimes expressions are har to translate. This is what google tells me 'Hard Boiled' means:

(of an egg) boiled until the white and the yolk are solid.(of a person) tough and cynical."a hard-boiled Hollywood producer"synonyms: cynical · tough · hardened · hard-bitten · hard-headed · 
denoting a tough, realistic style of detective fiction: "a hard-boiled thriller"

So are we talking climate change? Have snow men seen it all before? or are we all part of the Truman show? Perhaps there's a clue in the stamps.
Brilliant! Thank you.

International Creative Exchange

In most cases you can find stuff in America that you can't find here in England.  In this case, there are these paper products here that I knew my sister would love and could I get them in America?  Let me tell you, I googled and googled and eventually I gave up and gave in and mailed her some from here.  This zentangle extravaganza is my return.  I love it Katy Kehoe.  I'm sure the little frames would set off some Akua inspired prints too!  Let me know if you need some more in May… can't wait.

You can see more of Katy's zentangles here:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Make the world in 3D, it may be better…

When I finish tonight's blogging I am going to make a copy of Tofu's postcard and cut it out to see what great shape it makes and whether he has the secret to a better world!

We certainly need one.

But having said that Tofu's card already makes the world look desirable and funky.

Am chuffed that Tofu liked my little night light boekie.  I still have more to send out.  They got waylayed in my box of unfinished projects (those just a case of making something else to put in the envelope or even putting stamp on…) 

and speaking of stamps… Il ove the composition of Tofu's stamps.  Happy 2018. 

Important the trees arrived! Richard sent mail art greetings!

Fabulous to finally open this beautiful linotype on vegetal paper from Richard Baudet! The linocut hasn't scanned so well in that the trees are raised and seem to be marching out of the page in the real version. I love their texture and the 'snow' on the envelope is also raised. I feel as if I arrived in a winter wonderland.  Sadly just wind and rain here today, though.  

Every day I plan to knuckle down and finish some of the mail art projects I began and had to abandon because life got in the way, but if you could see my studio right now you might just understand… Rest assured that I have a little list of all the people who sent me lovely things and I will reply soon.

Many thanks Richard!

Happy New Dog Year

Always delighted to find a fellow dog lover in the mail. Nichola has a way with layering, a light touch and luminosity when she creates and this gorgeous pet portrait of the beloved Paddy is no exception.  Thank you.  Woof woof.  Happy Dog New Year to you too and see you in the post in 2018!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A truly collaborative New Year wish from Cascadia Artpost! And I'm not even sure why he bothers with me as I have been absolutely lame in sending mail this past year.  But phew, I made the New Year's card list and I am delighted. 2017 was the year of the clown for Cascadia and I see some returns on that. In fact we share a few mail artist friends, Joel and Catherine are instantly recognisable. But all in all, what a fabulous collage and a wonderful world of mail art. I must try harder again.

Thanks so much for including me in the mailing and Happy New Year!

Cacadia Artpost is preparing us for the guy with biggest button

I love Cascadia's collages even when they demonstrate how close to chaos we have come, both in the past and today. Cascadia walks that line between aesthetic art and political protest with panache! Living in England, we don't seem to feel as threatened, although we are certainly in the line of fire. I'm curious, how nervous is America? 

I guess my takeaway is long live Petrov! And keep using your common sense

Gorgeous stamp and thoughtful mailing.  Thank you.