Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hard Boiled … the cold has gone to my head

First, big thanks for the holiday card.  I am sorry I haven't blogged before now! The image is brilliant, even if this literal mind isn't quite sure exactly the message i am meant to be taking. 

Quite a few years ago, now, I worked for a book publisher americanising books. sometimes humour doesn't translate and sometimes expressions are har to translate. This is what google tells me 'Hard Boiled' means:

(of an egg) boiled until the white and the yolk are solid.(of a person) tough and cynical."a hard-boiled Hollywood producer"synonyms: cynical · tough · hardened · hard-bitten · hard-headed · 
denoting a tough, realistic style of detective fiction: "a hard-boiled thriller"

So are we talking climate change? Have snow men seen it all before? or are we all part of the Truman show? Perhaps there's a clue in the stamps.
Brilliant! Thank you.

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