Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rousing mail art from DK counteracts jet lag lethargy

In no particular order, I give you what may be the perfect DK, DKULT campaign to combat travel lethargy.  I have been enveloped and am innoculated against humour failure, excess nostalgia, lack of confidence, divine intervention and of course, hoarding.

Aside: is this a piece of devotional NBS 3-scrapper work? 

 Does Diane really look like this and if so where is her nearest thrift store? 
 Back says: Dkulters unloading rations.  But I think this may be a typo, I think the contents may be medicinal (DKult trashpo travel innoculations.)

My quandry is whether I will be able to bring myself to D KLassify and D-ploy the DKULT Kontents into alternative forms.  Not only do I believe that other DKULTERS should be antidote recipients, I want to get inside DK's wacky brain and see where it takes me!

Monday, August 26, 2013

No blogging blog: Carina and Marie send (un)bloggable mail art!

I think Carina was letting me off the hook when she said no need to blog, I hope so.  I wanted to share her wonderful wine cork stamps and that inimitable Granlund wit and silliness on the b-side with you.

I received this when I returned from Maine and Marie also told me not to bother blogging it. But I loved, loved the pink and white card (concrete love) inside Marie's textual envelope.  I saw the name of the town where Johnny Depp shot a scene of that pirate movie, (Clovelly), but of course it's not really about that:
As you can see I ignore people who tell me not to blog things (unless they really are only for my eyes and then obviously I wouldn't!) Thank you both!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Asemic Writing 3 - E. Coles (UK)

A landscape in writing. Beautiful! Thank you.

overwhelmed by this ENCARTED Eden - Aristide includes me in another mailing!

Aristide thinks about every inch of a mailing. When I received this one (my second!) I turned the envelope over in my hands delighting in the way the encarted pouch made a depression in exactly the centre of the envelope.  The text and the stamp on the front feel like a considered pen and ink.

On the back I find faintly flowing bodies, entangled. Like the best teacher, Aristide is introducing me slowly to the subject, letting me make associations, heightening my interest, hinting at what is to come.
The ENCARTED envelope is wrapped in Aristide's assembly drawing.  This is not only a new layer, it is another version, precisely related to the envelope.  Aristide's style is inherent in every line.
I know nothing about Aristide beyond the work I've received and the work I've seen on other sites, but it is clear that the ENCARTED (ENCARDTED) work blends the visual and words in a way that I find it difficult to say, a painter, a designer, a writer. It is all blended as though each is the language of choice.

It was difficult to decide how to show the little treasures of a card that fitted comfortably into the ENCARDTED envelope, so I matched mine to the main, helping me to imagine the other pieces that Aristide posted alongside mine. It is beautiful to feel and to read visually.

Recipients were: Dr Jaspal'S; Daniela Fertitta; C Merhl bennett; Kommisar Hjuler; wolfgang Faller; Pal Csaba; Aristide 3108; RF Coté; Rebecca Guyver; Niklas Heed
Contibutions list: Colori Mii; Christian Alle (Nada Zero)

Aristide 3108 hopes to receive my best mailart.  Of course I will respond, but it may take a while to respond with something so considered and layered with perfection! I'm not sure how to respond when asked "And you, are you encarted?" Perhaps it's a word I am not familiar with... but I will take it mean overwhelmed by the mailing, and if so, yes I am. Thank you.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nancy Bell Scott's 3 scrappers

I wish I could been there when Nancy chose her 3 scraps.  Did she spend a long time looking? Did her hand hover over a pile of scraps and ultimately feel the right one?

Although logically I imagine something called a 3-scrapper being quick and intuitive, these pieces feel so thoughtful, intentional, the work of a perfectionist that I find it difficult to link the title to the oeuvre.
They are perfect simplicity on the front and unselfconciously complex and legible asemics on the back.
Nancy glues perfectly too!

I love Rust never sleeps on the envelope.  I'm in Maine too, so I get that, but this summer I think we need a newsticker, one that laments the impossibility of escaping from the buzz and bite of this year's pest... rain=mosquitoes or NO MORE BITES or just try picking blueberries this year.

I love everything in this envelope.  Thank you Nancy!

Jon Foster's golden ticket mailart zine

Jon's cover

exciting freebee enclosed

The back of the Foster envelope

To see more visit Jon's blog at:
Thanks to Jon, and great to be part of a group think on mailart.
I sent Jon my first ever fusepo envelope, with a scan of some fusepo that I made with Jon in mind.  The stamps didn't like to stick to the envelope, so I hope it made it... I put a teeny tiny cheque inside to cover the cost of a little bit of mailing.

The black of Simon's ink

The first, in this latest interrupted series - interrupted because there are missing instalments, belongs in The repository of memory thank you Simon for helping me to classify what you send.  Having said that,  I might classify #74 as memory and poetry. #83 falls into the memory catagory, but with that nebulous Simon point of view that might be a blend of truth, reality, memory, the senses or something created in the moment as the pen touches the paper.
What I notice about the ink Death series is firstly their intensity.  My particular favourite is #86.
I have a plan for my response! I feel I need to wait for the missing pieces but this is problematic as some arrived in England and were hand carried to Maine while others were placed in box 84 here on the island, and I don't know whether they are missing here or there. I will fill in the gaps as they arrive, anyway.