Monday, August 26, 2013

No blogging blog: Carina and Marie send (un)bloggable mail art!

I think Carina was letting me off the hook when she said no need to blog, I hope so.  I wanted to share her wonderful wine cork stamps and that inimitable Granlund wit and silliness on the b-side with you.

I received this when I returned from Maine and Marie also told me not to bother blogging it. But I loved, loved the pink and white card (concrete love) inside Marie's textual envelope.  I saw the name of the town where Johnny Depp shot a scene of that pirate movie, (Clovelly), but of course it's not really about that:
As you can see I ignore people who tell me not to blog things (unless they really are only for my eyes and then obviously I wouldn't!) Thank you both!

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  1. Haha, did you add one label "don't bother blogging" or was it already there? :-) well, thank you for blogging anyway, Rebecca. And welcome back home!
    Double vision better than one :-)