Saturday, August 10, 2013

The black of Simon's ink

The first, in this latest interrupted series - interrupted because there are missing instalments, belongs in The repository of memory thank you Simon for helping me to classify what you send.  Having said that,  I might classify #74 as memory and poetry. #83 falls into the memory catagory, but with that nebulous Simon point of view that might be a blend of truth, reality, memory, the senses or something created in the moment as the pen touches the paper.
What I notice about the ink Death series is firstly their intensity.  My particular favourite is #86.
I have a plan for my response! I feel I need to wait for the missing pieces but this is problematic as some arrived in England and were hand carried to Maine while others were placed in box 84 here on the island, and I don't know whether they are missing here or there. I will fill in the gaps as they arrive, anyway.

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