Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nancy Bell Scott's 3 scrappers

I wish I could been there when Nancy chose her 3 scraps.  Did she spend a long time looking? Did her hand hover over a pile of scraps and ultimately feel the right one?

Although logically I imagine something called a 3-scrapper being quick and intuitive, these pieces feel so thoughtful, intentional, the work of a perfectionist that I find it difficult to link the title to the oeuvre.
They are perfect simplicity on the front and unselfconciously complex and legible asemics on the back.
Nancy glues perfectly too!

I love Rust never sleeps on the envelope.  I'm in Maine too, so I get that, but this summer I think we need a newsticker, one that laments the impossibility of escaping from the buzz and bite of this year's pest... rain=mosquitoes or NO MORE BITES or just try picking blueberries this year.

I love everything in this envelope.  Thank you Nancy!

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