Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rousing mail art from DK counteracts jet lag lethargy

In no particular order, I give you what may be the perfect DK, DKULT campaign to combat travel lethargy.  I have been enveloped and am innoculated against humour failure, excess nostalgia, lack of confidence, divine intervention and of course, hoarding.

Aside: is this a piece of devotional NBS 3-scrapper work? 

 Does Diane really look like this and if so where is her nearest thrift store? 
 Back says: Dkulters unloading rations.  But I think this may be a typo, I think the contents may be medicinal (DKult trashpo travel innoculations.)

My quandry is whether I will be able to bring myself to D KLassify and D-ploy the DKULT Kontents into alternative forms.  Not only do I believe that other DKULTERS should be antidote recipients, I want to get inside DK's wacky brain and see where it takes me!


  1. You are so sweet to have posted all the randomness I sent you. I hope Jetlag made it all seem better than it was. Yours was another that the post office returned to me FOR NO REASON that I could see. So I Yelled my please for them to deliver it to you. Thankfully they listened--I really needed to get rid of my junque!The mail art warning came after it was discovered that it is addictive and a gateway to other artforms.

  2. What a load of fun! Those Top Secret cards are amazing!!Are they for real??