Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Simon Warren 100, 101,102 and some thoughts

I don't always know what to make of Simon's instalments.  I think that's OK. I try to reason with them sometimes and other times I come back to them. Sometimes i get letters from Simon (after I send something to him) and between the last posting and these, I got a letter.  Although I found it a bit difficult to know what Simon's words were meant to make me feel, as seems to happen they helped me to think differently.  I have sent Simon some code.  Are his instalments code?  Is he trying to break me? 
When I am perplexed I revert to what I know, looking for something beautiful to take away, a whitewash of all that disturbs me.

I took some of the words Simon has sent me over the summer, quickly, and somewhat randomly and this is what they said:

between is a gulf
whereas from the perspective
of today
are difficult to locate

does not live
in the early hours

when the day starts

many of the stories

never had

cannot go anywhere
I did not want

A key
The slot
And letters

Erry less

Foreigners in time

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