Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Received this card from Stripygoose recently. We were on the 365 roster together and discovered our mutual love of tea. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't visited mailart 365 in some time... time was I was there every day! Check it out if you're interested:

I noticed that this card is no 110 so went to the blog as see that Stripygoose has begun again.  She's on number 3, I think. 110 seems to be from the first series, made on the 19th of June.  I guess Stripygoose is mailing her cards out over time.  Lots of 365 mail artists did that and I certainly understand, but If you know me you'll understand that I timed the final day with mailing the final card and had to control myself not to mail (and finish) a day early.

Love the balance of this and that afternoon feeling.  Stripygoose, I have never had dandelion tea, but fennel and ginger are faves of mine too.  Having said that, I have to admit that in the afternoon I usually need a little Lapsong Souchang, smoky Earl Grey or Mrs Kant. Bottoms up and have fun with 365/2

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  1. I just sent out my #120 to Ammy in Singapore. I was making so many but failing to send every one of them out, so am now trying to catch up