Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aristide sends the stuff of life: Encardted DNA



More beautiful work from Aristide!  I am reminded in a personal message that I have not yet sent 'my best mail art'.  I have finally sent something, although what is best? 

I love the way this and the other mail I have recieved from Aristide 3108 is about the essence of life.  The organic nature of the pieces, the way the ideas spill out and hint at meaning, there for me to take, understand and respond to. I get the sense that Aristide finds a moment in the vortex of life to carve out a contempletive space.  I have not found the equivalent, this autumn yet, but if and when I do I hope to find a voice as strong and sure as Aristide's. Love this beautiful work!


  1. Amazing to think that everything we are is encoded in a double stand shared by every single cell of our body. I have handled DNA in the lab for years but I had never looked at it in the way Aristide does. Great mail, I love the aesthetics of it, a lot.

  2. Delighted that you have replied to this as your perspective so meaningful in this context! Definitely a beautiful aesthetic quality to this piece, but all of Aristide's work that I have been lucky enough to receive has that quality in spades!