Monday, September 16, 2013

Jim SantAmour takes me to my turntable days.

Jim's card arrived Saturday.  I love a thick postcard! Hang the expense. That's the first thing I thought as I weighed Jim's card in my hand.

The next thing I notice is that those cool circles are actually a real proof sheet strip of a turntable! And Jim has me hook line and sinker! Everything about this card takes me back to a particulalry fun and feckless period of my life. The KZSU record room was amazingly well-stocked and I spent as much time as I could in there listening.  One of the grad students in the art department found me fun to rib and one day he had festooned my door with a particularly fay 45. With Jim's card I am there.  I was a TA in the darkroom, and I still miss the smell of the trays as I fiddle around in photoshop.

I love the visual impact of this card.  I have this idea to match people up based on their mail art style, some of the matches may be a tangential, but there's an Art lecturer in Falmouth whose work I think you'd like. I may launch that project soon with you as my guinea pig.

And finally, 'Bad Becky'.  Sometimes you wonder if anyone really listens to the stuff you post and this is proof positive that Jim did.  Thanks so much.

 But Jim, did you mean this to be a memory?  It certainly brought them back for me!

PS And I have one more entry to the Mobma contest but I still need to take the pic.  It's definately a contender...

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