Friday, September 2, 2016

Commodity Civilization IV - Cascadia Artpost

I love Cascadia Artpost's artistamps! They require careful inspection and make a biting commentary on American civilization. I hope what Cascadia sees is only part of the picture and must admit that the English and other culutres probably share some of the evils he highlights. Whatever, although I like them, they make me sad.

And Cascadia may be cheering tonight on hearing the news that I heard this morning… apparently the biggest shipping company with 7% of the market has gone bust and that means 7% of the goods heading around the world for consumption will have a harder time getting there!

Many thanks for this provocative mail art!

In Memory of Susan McAllister - amalgamated confusion

Such a bitter sweet moment to hold Amalgamated Confusion's tribute to our friend, Susan McAllister.    I can't supress a smile but have a heavy heart. I hope I ism in some direction.

Inalienable truths and trumpdities - Sticker Dude

What with all the activity from the sticker dude in my mailbox lately, I can sure spot one of his envelopes! They are fat and stamped with nods to biting humour and frivolity, all at the same time.  His rubber stamps make me smile and reach for my letter opener.

Wise words curated together with Thomas Kerr's striking imagery tell it like it is…so I guess I am old, then, because all of this seems true to me! Except that I am young at heart and while moaning about twenty-somethings, I am secretly vying for them to stand up to those with the power!

Now most of you won't know about my Grateful Dead past… that I lived in California in the late seventies/early eighties and that the bulk of my friends were total, absolute deadheads. And I had a new music radio show and teased them mercilessly because we went to very different concerts. Towards the end of my time in Palo Alto, I guess the constant din of Garcia, Lesh, Weir, Hunter, etc… got under my skin eventually and I found I knew the lyrics and the tunes.  I even went to one of their concerts in LA, once. Another time, in a frenzy of art making for a friend, I made a visual representation of a box of rain, my favourite Dead song. Later on, in the Peace Corps my friend Ken, who recorded everything he went to, sent me a stream of Dead recordings that I passed on to volunteers as I departed. So in Kenya, as I type, I suspect there is a volunteer somewhere jigging up an old tapedeck listening to this song… such beautiful lyrics and related to Mary's quote above.  We'll always be looking for answers to those slippery questions...

Sticker Dude's throws key icons of an age at me… Elvis, Duchamp and the Dead into one mailing. And then as an afterthought, or perhaps as a striking contrast, he includes TRUMP'dities'