Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Forests in urban paint - Tofu St John

These two cards and art to hide in a book arrived from Tofu in the early new year. Twenty years of paintbrushes and Haight Forest share a vertical theme, in keeping with Tofu's cut ups that I have received (with enthusiasm) in the past. Both of these are comments on time and how we travel through it. 

But I have to admit to adoring his painted brushes on the card to hide in a book even more… Only someone who loves to paint could create such sympathetic, life-like creatures.  Brushes are like pets.
Thank you Tofu for making me smile and smell the turps!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Zeitgeist 2016 - Cascadia Artpost

Really, really not sure how this slipped through and missed my blogging pile for so long… No doubt about it, Cascadia Artpost's Fractured image of Trump and Clinton shouting about their causes juxtaposed with the drinks party smiles tell it all… These great images zero in on the mood of the nation - even the world - at that moment in time. Although a bad story, Cascadia Artpost has nailed it!

David's a Giver and doodles too!

I've been getting free stuff in the mail lately but nothing as exciting as this free art gift card from David in Santa Fe.  I am not sure how I redeem it, but will certainly do it before the deadline! what a giver and love that I am a givee! One things for sure, in this political climate we need all the freebies we can get and as much love and care too.  There's a great vibe coming from NM. Thank you!

 So I am a little slow in responding to mail art and blogging. My life seems to have been about feeding people for some weeks now, but rest assured fellow mail artists, the highlight of my day is still unlocking the deadbolt and lifting the lid on the mail box to see if anything has arrived.  and that's my excuse for a double bill of David the giver. I got a fat envelope of doodles!

This one must be inspired by our friend Meeah! Love it!

Everyone  is on their phone...

'I stuffed his mouth with a ball full of string' 

What a wonderful assortment of whimsy and commentary on daily life.  Perhaps the next addition of DKult Doodle Therapy needs to be about one of David's themes.  I will look with care and get back to you.  don't miss all the characters and their conversations.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Robin Chuter draws on record sleeves and other things

Robin Chuter's mail is a fascinating approach to drawing and stuff. He mentions, Ebru (a turkish marbeling process), microfibres, calligraphy and utensils as some of his tools to make marks. He uses reclaimed material as a substrate for his imagery, creating another-worldly responses to transform leftovers. they are curious, psychedelic, responsive pieces that demand close inspection.

It's fun to be getting to know Robin through pieces of his wondrous art. Many thanks for such a generous mailing!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Philosopy on a snowy tidal Thursday night.

Dave asks a rhetorical question in the voice of Donald Trump 'What is it about me loving Democracy are you not getting?' He asks as he grabs democacry by the throat. Yeah, I see that, I feel that. We wrangle in the post-truth world, things and objects hardly discernable in the chaos that we inhabit.  We don't inhabit the same democracy, it seems. Did you know they think we'll REALLY be marrying our robots by 2050. And you call that a press conference?

To be honest, the only topic at the moment is Trump, although the top story is the snow, the non-existent snow, as far as I can see. But Dave grapples with postmodern ideas and sends me an object, an envelope, that is the subject.  And the eyes see it all and are it all. Thank you Dave!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

BARFA from Dawn

Every year for the past few years, in mid December, I re-visit the concept of BARFA. I guess it's secret santa with a twist. There is an allusion to Martha Stewart and I perhaps it questions what Christmas is all about.  I think that humour is a big part of BARFA.  But humour is a very personal thing and there's no telling if two people will 'get' the exhange in the intended way. It also comes at what always seems to be the most inopprtune time of the year when there REALLY is no time so even if you have an excellent idea the chances of executing it in the little window of time that you have is almost nil.  So you have to laugh, shrug your shoulders and get in the BARFA spirit. Dawn has done that! 

Beginning on the top left, I will work my way across and down telling you a little more about the detail of Dawn's varied BARFA goodies. As I went through them I noticed that Dawn has sent me lots of protective BARFA gear… a toxis innoculation, of sorts.

Drink up witches:
Paper and wood placard that might be displayed at a halloween event, or possibly to clear the bar for future DKult meet up events.
A card wishing me well and hoping that I like the pressies.  I do.  They made me sniff and smile! Thank you!
Rudolf sterile adhesive bandages:
These come in two styles, one pink and one blue for boy and girl boo boos -possibly for potential paper cuts making BARFA gifts?
(In festive red), to keep out bad BARFA sounds.
REFRESH your car:
(In frosted snow berry), that make my nose run when they are anywhere near me! With 'revolutionary odor eliminating technology' -  a must for Toxis smells.
Wipe and go TEXTURED wipes… for those little stains you get during the barfa holiday season…
Puffs plus lotion - tissues:
I took them out of the package and they smell like a pine forest and have a sticky coating. Very barfa, but I like the plastic they come in!
Red and green mini wood clips:
Sparkly, and I suppose anything sparkly is BARFA to some.  
Shaggy white Christmas stocking:
I'm not a fan of white shag carpets, and this furry stocking conjures that up for me, but without a doubt by next Christmas it will be very BARFA because in our 500+ year old house there is a constant patina of dust and that stocking is going to go grey very quickly.
Keychain rattle:
that doesn't make a sound, in Vizma's favourite colour.
Spider clip:
in halloween purple and black, to scare away all but the most intrepid.
mud pac and exfoliator masque:
fabulous photos on packaging but I am trying these on my enemies! They are both cold to the touch and make outrageous claims like all skin types, black lava , dead sea… Will feel very BARFA on someone, not me!
glitter stickers and felt tassels 
will be used next year to make some beautifully barfa earrings or to 'dress our tree'.
Lawbike cupholder
trendy camouflage with embossed contact details for motorcycle accident injury attorney!

Thank you Dawn for an outrageous BARFA surprise!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Land Lassies and the inscribed Iris

Herman's Holiday mailing arrived sometime while I was in Glasgow with my family. He could not have known that on Christmas day we were at the necropolis, in the rain, making sense of the mossy grave stones, looking out on the sprawling city below. The green man above, brings back those moments clearly.  Meanwhile, the Queen was ill in bed with flu. 
I love the stony face, a death mask of sorts, decaying back to nature. We are all so vibrant one minute and decayed the next… Best to keep smiling.

This little fella is smiling. Did you know that in Holland when a child turns one you should give him the whole birthday cake and let him/her do with it as he/she pleases? I suspect this guy would eat the whole cake mouthful by mouthful and still grin.

Herman wishes me a nice 2017.  Is this the big sister of the cake eating boy with the joker on his head? If so, I agree she looks mooi! and it's not fair that he got to eat the whole cake!

In our family, we write on champagne corks to commemorate an event.  Here, someone has wanted to save a moment in a pressed flower.  I think it looks like an iris, whatever, imagining what could have been celebrated, or perhaps commemorated in 1937 is a tale in itself...

As ever, Herman's mailing leaves so much to my imagination and gives me gifts to create my own stories.  It is all so beautiful, so temporal and so endowed with emotion in a way that is perfectly New Year!  Thank you, Herman!