Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ghost Mail from an Archipelago in Petsmo

In my experience, one builds friendships and collaborative relationships that are deep and lasting through mail art. Having moved around quite a bit, making friends and trying to sustain the friendship across many miles, it is familiar to me to know that I have a friend in a place but not to see that person, or hear from that person for longer than intended… For the most part, I have found that those relationships may lapse but that they carry on seamlessly once together again. My correspondents are more than simply addresses on envelopes.  To me they are friends.  When an envelope arrives I can usually identify the sender and get excited, delighted to 'pick up' again. 

Carina and I must have sent our mail to each other on about the same day after a long lapse, probably my fault, so getting Carina's envelope was extra specially exciting! 

I love Carina's prints.  She shares them occasionally on Instagram and I begin to imagine a story with the first glimpse.  I have never ACTUALLY met Carina but her charismatic characters make me wish I had and hope I will. I am delighted to have 16/22 ! It's  a beaut.

There a few things about Carina that are part of her signature: orange, boekies, and bizarre silliness. This mailing was chockblock with what I love. 

 Historical ephemera is always inspiring too! Delighted!

And what an envelope! BOO! I have more than enough pumkins for halloween and will practice my ghosty handwaving every day until the 31st infront of the mirror!  Thank you, Carina.  I did get my hopes up and they were certainly matched!  Thank you.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Fluxus Bucks and Coffee Clutch

Cascadia Artpost has his finger on the pulse of the mail art network. I've been trading in fluxus bucks for the past ten years but I was obviously a latecomer! Nevertheless, Cascadia included me in this wonderful tribute. 

Mail art hides in unusual place.  Take last week… while at Frieze Art Fair (Figgy gave me some comp tickets) I saw an original ANNA BANANA and discovered Keith A Smith who I think sends mail art but also makes these fabulous books and sews on his collages! I wish he'd trade with me, but that would be greedy! The Latin Americans had some great fluxus exhibits too. Who knew!

Meanwhile, Cascadia not only makes dioramas, sends me beautiful seeds that make plants that go on and on… (last year's seeds bloomed again all summer and now I have some sweet williamas waiting to bloom again early spring!)… he sends amazing postcards, updates on mail art meetups and he also has a newsletter. Not only do I get gardening tips, I can also bend my mind with trivia.  Don't forget to opt in for coffee clutch refill.  I'll need it.  the mornings are already dark and the news is so nuts I find it difficult to sleep well.

Thank YOU Cascadia!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Antique Elocution War

 Love this haptic, aesthetic collage vispo that makes me want to take a walk in the woods to find some treasure!  It arrived the other day from Bonniediva (Gurnee Illinois).Of course I will exchange! I've decided to begin making mail art a habit again and am even toying with the idea of arranging a mail art exhibition some time next year. 
...The mushroom person in the centre reminds me that I should say that I will exchange so long as I live to make mail art on another day… our son picked some parasol mushrooms and he prepared them as a side with tonight's dinner. I ate a bit of one. Hopefully his identification skills are up to snuff!
back of collage

Bonniediva's envelope was also v appealing and perfect for a rainy day in England! 

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A duo of mail art from Mikel, lost in the summer madness

 I received two white envelopes from Mikel over the summer. I opened them both today to discover two beautiful postcards, complete with artistamps.  The other white envelope came with an add and pass.  Luckily 'strawmarket' must read as Stowmarket (my correct address). 
 I love the energy and joy in this scultural card with its stamped design that although actual lettering, read as asemics to me.

 This is also sculptural but reads as a person. Love them both!

 and I will try to add to below… Thank you Mikel!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A trio of postcards from Cascadia

You will remember that the Vorticist Triangle has a reunion at Cascadia's house, earlier in the year.  Cascadia has memorialised the visit here.  Fabulous!

 As ever, Cascadia is our bellweather for American trends… Purchasing Greenland, America - everything for sale, no reason not to refuel in Scotland, etc...

 My Trumph Motors souvenir postcard - the best kind of trucks for protection.

Truck Education - 'the automobile = the sculpture of the 20th century'

This bumper edition of Dad Trumph Motors gives you all the knowledge you need to engage fully with Truck Month.  Cascadia helps us to understand that the posturing of the trucking world and the slogans and logos run in parallel to our current leader's philosophy. 
 There is no need to worry about fragile egos in Dada Trumph World.  There are plenty of armoured protections.  We can all rest easy that no one will be underwhelmed by the gladiator in chief in his Ford F series… "built tough". 
As an aside, I would love to see Cascadia moving the 1:87 diorama figures and vehicles around for his photo shoot. What noises does he make? 
It's great to see that there is plenty of art in Trumph world. Who could live without a plastic marble bust of the great leader (ruler)? Or a poster of our heroes - Ivanka, Jared, Betsy, Melania and the Ruler.
 As I type I am listening with one ear about Bolton's firing/ resignation. I see Jared looking down with disdain at the 'Cold War Warrior' and get a little chill. 

In the previous newsletter, I mentioned that Cascadia showed us how dystopian the world might be… These days, here and in the US I think we are seeing it in the flesh!

I think I'll hunker down and ride out the most recent storm. I haven't got a truck  Does a Landrover defender count? 
 Look carefully at the stamps.  We've got some hawks, a statue of the ruler and some scary warships as well as TRUCKS to enchant us.  Thank you Cascadia!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mail art lost in summer madness II Amy Irwen

So my enevelope from Amy went with me to Maine and then back again to Suffolk. Luckily I managed to keep my luggage under the overweight rating anyway… I only opened it today.  Now THAT IS WHAT I CALL delaying gratification. Amy did not let me down. What a beautiful stash of mail art wonders! And it all seems relevant what with the shadowy, greedy world we seem to be living in. Brexit and that other tweeter.  (although you'd think that the news would move on after my six week delay after receiving this!)

 I love the inchies!  They are absolute treasure.