Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Satisfyingly Guilt Free mail Art from GU

Give me a translucent envelope that crinkles in your hand anyday and I will swoon. Add a little gymnastics and I am all aflutter. Put the Bard on it and I am putty in your hands. GU, how do you know me SO well? Although I believed life had settled down, I am sorry to say that it is still hectic at Nayland Farm, so anything declaring itself 'guilt free' is, well, about the best thing ever. Well almost... throw in a pencil that aludes to the most famous quote of all time and is really about drawing and it is pretty perfect!

I see from a recent post by DeVillo Sloan that GU is sending out altered cards of Richard Burton that are altered differently.  I adore my version.  It's FABULOUS!

Not sure if GU knows that I married into a family that comes from Stratford on Avon, but all this wonderful memorobilia has not gone amiss. Many thanks! You are on my list!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Bob Dylan turned 75 - Live Ed

I discovered a few years ago when our friend Guido orchestrated a birthday project that I can't sustain birthday momentum.  It's like dieting.  I mean well and try very hard at first, but without fail I fail and then I feel guilty. However, hearing about birthdays is perfect and I must admit that even though I think BD is fab, I wasn't aware that I had missed his big day or that age is creeping up on HIM TOO.

Love all the Bob stamps and multi-use stamping that Ed use to make funny and poignant comments with. I hope no one is suggesting I'm past my sell by date in the stamping world. But nevermind, I'm going straight in and putting Freewheelin on the turntable to enjoy some timeless crooning.  Many thanks! And as for Edz Magic decoder, I've got alot to figure out, and I sure hope it helps!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I've been trumped by the Sticker Dude!

Full house of Trumps (cards, not votes) thanks to a recent mailing from the Sticker Dude! I have doled out a few and will embellish my soon to be mailed envelopes with others, svaing a few for my files! Joel knows that I will canvass with enthusiasm with the best materials!

 Here at Nayland Farm there's lots of talk about the Karnival of Trash. With Joel recipe, we should make something appropriate. To find out more click here:

The stickers were wrapped in some of the Sticker Dude's note paper.  And don't miss the stickers on the outside of the envelope  Top kick and it's playful visual explantion of the imagination.

Many thanks!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Music to slurp by - Issue 80 Subscription Opus

What with my soup fork and my egg beater, my kitchen is replete with music, thanks to Jude Weirmeir's Subscription Opi. 

Luckily our daughter is back from her travels in Japan and can make a mean ramen, which I think counts as soup… I trust the noodles will create something of a mellow tune. I was thinking that we could have a skype orchestra playing porridge in Scotland, fish chowder on Cranberry Island, and Ramen in Ringshall. Perhaps my sister will make a San Francisco black bean soup and we can practice our various clicks in unison. 

As ever appreciative of the musical mind of Jude Weirmeir and his magical imagination.

Ethereal fishing from Japan

Nichola's mail art always has a fleeting, watery feel that slips through one's hands in a rustle.  the sound of the envelope, the motif of the fish and the amibuous signs are curious. In another language.

Our duahgter has just returned from Japan and she describes its other-worldliness.  The mystery, the generosity and the aesthetic.  Nichola's mail art helps me to understand.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pink Mail art call from TOFU

Great to get a personal invite from TOFU for his pink mail art call. I have put something in the post already! I have also stashed this in a book, to stumble on later.  Many thanks!