Tuesday, March 13, 2018

As Crufts comes to an end, Hermanka reigns

inner envelope
I've never been to Crufts and can't say I follow it but last night I caught a glimpse of it and couldn't help thinking that in the parallel universe of pets, behaviour was a little better than it is in our democracies. The askance look of the framed pooch above might be a window onto what our four-legged friends might think of us as we carry on…

As ever, Herman faces the political hubub in his characteristic visually humorous way.  You couldn't fail to notice that the world has been considering its position on 'me too' recently.  Herman's juxtaposition of a clergyman with a nubile young dark-haired beauty and that catchphrase makes me consider my views about sexism, power and privilege. 'Hermanka', pulls me into the Whitehouse orbit. And then there's just the aesthetics of it all. Red hot!

I love when Herman decorates his outer envelope.  The woman on the front heralds the treasure inside.  For me, a bouquet is one of my favourite treats - a mailing from Herman tops that!   

Our dog has only been groomed once and it was the most conservative trim you can imagine.  Mostly she just had her dreadlocks removed.  These dogs are doodle heaven and Herman's doodle fits in perfectly! 
inner inner envelope containing three images.

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Doodle page returned by Herman!

back of doodle page
stilllife from Herman's life with a few gifts from me!
Our mail crossed in the post and although I am a delinquent mail artist, Herman sent me a second mailing on the heels of the first.  As ever, I am very grateful!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Inside, outside, doodled about, Brot Tod and Bolst - The Bennetts

Delighted to have these beautiful collaborations in a bumper mailing from the Bennetts.  A little while back I mentioned that I had some doodle pages I was sending out and the Bennetts replied to Carina. I saw and sent them two.  Two has multiplied and I have two originals plus a few pages that I assume I can include in the next DKULT Doodle Therapy.  Fabulous and thank you! 

 What the Bennets do is far more than doodle therapy.  Read these two books of visual poetry, laced with asemics and drawings, underpinned with sounds and meaning.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Floudering Fascists driven underground by guitars

Sticker dude packed this envelope full of a range of provocative (collaborative) beautifully drawn and imagined mail art pieces from a dissatisfied band of mail artists.  Having said that, it's possible Joel has conceived and executed much in the mailing himself.  I spy that the Art Shul carving is by Ed Giecek with other helpers, see back of card. The ATC above is a design I have seen before with a sticker ammendment. Brilliant!

Agreed, we are in troubled times and to all appear to be FLOUNDERING. I love that word, floundering, BTW. I can see it.  In Dutch it is: flodderen. Apparently it comes from French and means 'to sink to the bottom', originally.  Now it's 'to flop about'.  The president's hair certainly does that and we are.

I couldn't find the author and illustrator of this wonderful (and depressing) zine… I hope it's some young person forgoing his device to draw with care to get his point of view out there, to stay on message and shed light on what is happening at this sad time. We must stay focussed! 

Or we could play the guitar and make artistamps! and then again, we might just doodle.

Thanks Joel! Another wonderful mailing.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

These are the facts: Dave the Rave fell while doing DIY and has had some time for reading and art making and maybe even gardening?

So in his convalescence I sent Dave a brilliant link about art aesthetics.  Philospohers are helping us make sense of the process of reading a painting.  There's this thing called twofoldness and if you think about painting as a language of symbols, depending on your context and experiences, you will be able to interpret the painting. Or maybe it's just a physical response… Whatever, it's never black and white.

Now it's possible that none of this has anything to do with what Dave intends, but I suspect he's testing my ability to think laterally.  Brilliant.  I hope I passed.