Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cascadia and I have the same idea of a creepy clown

I have had this postcard on my desk ever since it arrived quite a long time ago. I sent a clown to mail art martha and intended to send one back to Cascadia Art Post but to be honest, this card says everything I might have said anyway.

I may have told you before that I went on BOZO the clown when I was a kid.  It was on my birthday so I got to blow kisses to the audience and emerge from some object. I must have liked BOZO but I can't remember and it baffles me if I did. I know I hated going to birthday parties with clowns.

Then about ten years ago I worked with a clown named Ken and together we transformed the way I was teaching a year eleven class.  Boy was he smart and edgy and uncomfortable so my ideas about clowns changed.  But let me tell you, this clown. What a BOZO and it is certainly no joke!  Thank you Cascadia.  As ever you did that thing that mail art can do so well!  CHECK OUT THE STAMPS!

Below what I sent to Martha and a link to the other clowns!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Taidgh is back!

 So it's obvious when you get a Taidgh mailing.  I think I might have given a little whoop when I found it in my post box. Lots of Taidgh's creature people seem to be whooping, so I was in good company! 

On the other side of this sunny card below was some news from Taidgh. He seems to be dipping his toes in the mail art water again after a long absence. We have missed him and I for one welcome him back with enthusiasm! Having said that, it is a little embarrassing that it has taken me since mid MAY to reply! What can I say except that in dribs and drabs, I am back too!

 Taidgh sent me these 25 sheets of this fun writing paper and I think it is definately earmarked for DKULT creations, so I will be sending some out to my fellow kulters begging forgiveness for abandoning the mansion for a wee time. My latest excuse revolves around climbing into 5,000 year old brochs and cairns on Orkney.

 Great to get some deliciously stale news from Ireland too… the better to trashpo with, I reckon.

 But Taidgh's poem is the centrepiece of this mailing.  WOW. So much mouth candy and visual emotion.

and A beautiful folded A4 zine (by Marlee Norr, I think) featuring one of our other favourite writers!

Huge thanks and I'll be sending you a souvenir from Orkney soon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let them Sing Cake - Opus 52 - Jude Weirmeir

I haven't had mail from Jude in a while.  Jude hasn't had a portion of his quota of mail from me lately so I am doubly happy to get this rather delightful musical notion. Look at the top left stamp-like image of singing cake! It's such an oxymoron what he's trying to get me to, to take a perfectly good cake and get it printed onto so that I can sing over it.  In my opinion singing is even more suspect than blowing out candles when your talking about germs.  Look at the gusto that guy is singing with and then you analyse the hoops he wants me to jump through while singing. 'Using a stright stick the length of the keyboard sound all keys together'. REALLY? I won't even go into the fecal oral issue.

Still it's a great concept and a pretty score!  Thank you Jude, as ever.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Strongest Caged Birds or Delicate Blossoms?

One never knows about these things but Mars Tokyo's collage with RESIST stamped on the reverse speaks to me of our beliefs about women, their place and their nature and the masks we wear. - All of which interests me!  

In terms of the image, I remember buying vintage clothes and trying to squeeze my boyish hips and waist into these kinds of dresses ands feeling like a failure.  Now I wear colour and focus on the drama of costume!

Thank you Mars and hope you're enjoying your travels!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Enormous Fins in a world of sharks

Not long ago I found a haul of romance magazines at a charity shop and repurposed pages to make some trash books. I sent those off to a few people and got stuff back, etc.  David and I are sending stuff back and forth.  He suggests that I repurpose it but I am an archiver. These ideas are important and even if the net gain and loss is nothing, at least we are sharing our stuff!

David's langauge reminds me of those romance magazines. Oh to be lost in one of those rather than to be in this odd twilight zone of politics. The president is back on building infrastructure.  David and I are building bridges of stuff across 'the pond', physically and woth our imaginations.

The thing about Mad Men and LA is you can park a car like that on the beach and the water really was that blue. Great stuff!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Hour with Tina Kainulainen

Since last night at 10:30 when I looked at my iPad before heading up to bed, all kinds of ugly images has been circulating. I use words like 'incident' with alarming frequency, these days.  London Bridge. Borough Market.  Places I go. 

So, it is great to get this opportunity for optimism in Tina's mailing! I still have some add a pass stuff I keep meaning to get to, so it could be some time before these get returned, but I promise to think good thoughts while I make them! Thank you Tina, and I will be mailing the clown onto Mailart Martha tomorrow! 

Poetry and dance of the stamps, Herman Kamphuis

Always a delight to receive Herkalux' unique collage / drawings. Here on the one side he draws around the head of Heinrich Heine who I had to look up, (which is really quite appalling).  Heine was quite a guy! A poet, whose words were set to music by some of the great musicians: Schuman, Schubert, Brahms, Mendelssohn,  Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, etc…
A mistress stood by the sea
sighing long and anxiously.
She was so deeply stirred
By the setting sun 

Herman's imagery has added to the story, did he Heine have visitations in the night? Was he a gardener? He has appeared on stamps. There is an echo of colours used later in the collection of this mailing.  Herman's compostion is sublime. And the way he puts together a mailing in wonderfully thoughtful. The stamps are dancing to the music. 
With caligraphy and two pens Herman creates his own poetry and shares the romantic style that Heine was famous for.
Leicester and Amsterdam have been twinned as have the children on the other side.  There is a dialogue going on. Fabulous as ever!