Thursday, October 18, 2018

A trip to the other side of existentialism

The way I understand existentialism is it’s a philosophy sees individuals as interacting freely with a confused and confusing world and their actions and feelings make them authentic.  But I'm a beginner.  It seems Dave the Rave has dedicated himslef to study of the slippery topic. 

Picasso, La Lecture, 1932 Seated Woman with Book

Great stuff and thank you Dave!  It's appauling that it has taken me SO long to share this with the Mail Art Community!

VIP Real Estate

 It was nearly a week ago that I took on the Tate Modern with David (Stafford) and Patti.  This mailing arrived a few weeks before. On the eve of our visit I was blogging mail art from Carina and scanned a few pages of David's but simply ran out of time.  Luckily when I met up with David he absolved me from the task of scanning it all. 'Don't scan that stuff,' David said. 

The thing is it's interesting to me… and it puts our lovely little thatched refuge in the heart of Suffolk in context.  Granted the Suffolk images come from forty + years ago and the Bay area images are recent, but still.  Why is a mansion in the Silicon Valley (an earthquake zone) so much more valuable than a 15c thatched cottage in mid Suffolk? This is fodder for mail art and when I get a chance I will use them. 

My visit with David and Patti was fab.  Although we walked through plenty of art, we talked more than we looked and we didn't make a single piece of mail art... but I think a good time was had by all and Figgy met them too!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

My magical mail artist friend

 Tomorrow I am meeting David Stafford and his wife in London!  I ncelebration of this, I opened my mail art from Carina that has been sitting by my computer for weeks. This is because time is elastic and last year when I learned to fit a little more in every day (because it was the only way I could do what was needed),  now that I should have more time, I find that I am so used to packing  my day that I never have any time to do the things I used to be able to do that were enjoyable.  On the one hand it means i get lots of my work done but on the other hand, things that I really want to do pile up. And Breathe.

I am following Carina on Instagram and I am in awe at her imagination.  This envelope is adorable.  Her doodles make me carzy with delight.

Inside the envelope is a little nod to David Stafford, Dkult asemics and the fashion.  The tonal feel of the mail art is delicious. This is a little Boekie.

And the inside of the boekie is iconic Carina,  the gesture of the characters, making things happen in a spooky sort of way.  Halloween is near and I need to send Carina a reply.  Maybe I should bring a little mail art making stuff to London so David and I can send out some stuff.

Thanks so much Carina!  I will reply.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Performance and passing from Bruno Chiarlone

 Very happy to receive this mail from Bruno with images to consider and explore as well as to add to. Bruno's intersction with nature changes it with colour and shape. It is human vispo!  Thank you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Shy Doodle and More - Tic Tac

Beneath 2018, Tic Tac 28/30

 Tic Tac's graphic fingerprint is all over this mailing that I received a little while ago. I love the way she bridges cultures and creates strong, recogniseable imagery where each piece is different to but as strong as the next. 
For SALE series UNFINISHED, 2018, Tic Tac

 Unfortunately, this scan doesn't show how tactile and subtle this piece is… I feel as if I am in a car passing two people adhereing paper to a billboard. 

Love the way these letters create characters!

Paper doll cows!  What a concept. 

And delighted to receive this DKULT Doodle Therapy page, mailed some time ago. With contributions from David Stafford, Figgy Guyver, me and Tic Tac.
Gorgeous stamps of all sorts! Thanks so much Tic Tac. One thing I realise as I get to the bottom of this blog is that Tic Tac's work needs no explanation. and whenever I type a comment it falls flat.  I guess that shows that the visual is speaking!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Somewhere Between 17 and 40

Thatching keeps you young.  I know because I have my own personal thatcher and he is 80 something years young. Herman must know that handling straw is life enhancing.  As for climbing up to the roof… or to the top of a windmill… pleasures, not necessarily good for this heart. 

Here on the 'chicken farm' as DVS calls it, life is good even in the incessant rain.  Today the chickens escaped and ranged all over the field.  I had my head cocked waiting for the hawk harrier to swoop down, but I counted them all in later. 

Herman's mail art is a thank you for something I sent him. Really nice to get such splendid feedback and to be told not to worry about being slow to send.  (I am paraphrasing from a note written on the back of one the image below.) He is obsessed by American and British politics too and had a big birthday at the end of August.  Auguri!

I can't help wondering if older  people revert to doing what they want to with their birthday cakes in the Netherlands the way one year olds do. It's an adorable custom.

Love the orange here and the image of joy in the face of ill health.  Make the most of every day! 
and such a wonderful token of affection from Herman. where does he find such fabulous vintage stuff?

Huge thanks and belated birthday greetings mr feeling 17 - 40.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How to use this toilet

 Delighted to have a new Jon Foster tape masterpiece! I can't explain it but it makes me think of watermelon. I guess that is my synesthesiac reaction. 
As I type I am listening to tune in to get a fix of the USA news.  As ever these days it is pretty crazy in the free world. Jon is equipping me in case things get really nuts. Or MORE nuts.  And Jon is right, mail art does bring freedom!

In my opinion we are in one big cistern at the moment and I am thankful to given instructions on how to cope. It sure stinks these days