Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fake Mao from Moan

I feel as If Maon has sent me an acitivy pack.  what would she say.  How would I, as andy Warhol colour Mao? 

I'm not sure if the poem relates to the images. It is sad.  I always love the fluxus chop!  Moan has also enclosed his list.  Lots more people to mail to!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marie's legend

Hello Marie. I recognise the envelope before I see the writing.  Then it is absolutely confirmed. I wonder what beauty will lie inside.  I put it aside.  I like the wait. I examine the envelope and think, we share this planet with all these people and some of them we think we know inside out.  We take liberties.  We hold an arm and yet we are all misunderstood and alone in one way or another.

I'm always caught unaware when I can't decipher a language.  I can get absolutely nowhere with characters, but with images and words cut and reassembled I believe I can make sense if I try.  It's late, maybe that's why I can't do it very well right now… I read aloud and light on'mirnounah', 'sefftliffe'.  Are they places? The sounds made when...
Legend has been edited and printed by Marie.  I sniff the paper and it doesn't smell.  There is no fragrance of linseed.  Are they printed on a printer or is it a photo process?  INDIGO.  Are Marie's hands stamped with Hanada? Her book evokes vats of dye, shibori, but it is paper and maps.  

 It is of another era. It is a trace from a journey, a memory and a schema.

 I recognise the way I feel I am looking in on something personal.  It isn't meant for me but I am sharing the experience, vicariously.

The imagery and the choices are exacting.  I read again and again, tracing my fingers up and down the spine's threaden worry beads.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mama Mia! Meeah sends a full course of beautiful mail art

The following images are the pages of Meeah's books IN some sort of ORDER so that you can read her beautiful VISPO.  Although they stand on their own, I have an overwhelming desire to use them …  but I always have this problem with mail art people send me, I feel I can't change it - unless I'm instructed, so keep it in files to revisit. 

When I was a child I was given a 'blank' book that had some small woodcuts on each page.  I have hung onto the book, never bearing to use it as it was intended, to write my childish poetry NEATLY inside.  

Meeah's envelope heralds the lavish textural trashpo journey she takes me on.

Her books vary in length, from a folded page (so 4 pages) to 2 folded pages, (8).  All are hand stitched in some way.

 Here 'nakedness' and 'thou shalt not uncover' are linked by a stitch.

Meeah's note feels like a piece of mail art winging its way to me over the choppy Atlantic.

This next book is also made from religious pages, but the date affixed to the front transforms it to a day book, a journal, something personal.  I love the dance of strokes on this cover.

 I have cropped the words rather badly here.  On the lamb page it should say, Because, for I am holy," 6. therefore it is also contained in '
 On the pigeon page:' things which are needed for the iniquity.  the tongue is so set.'

 You can probably guess which pages are facing.  Love this unfinished noughts and crosses.

I wonder how Meeah works?  These abstract still lives suggest a change of pace and are beautiful in juxtaposition, especially to the dance on the front and back.
 Furby and conversation with bubbles are stand-alone pieces!

Meeah's final book is made thicker paper.  It is very haptic. Not only does she play with texture.  her use of shape, colour and line make this a very energetic and satisfying read!

And I nearly forgot this one… a sewn card!

Thanks Meeah for a fulsome meal of mail art!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Stephanie's sublime collages!

Stephanie's collages are appealing on many levels! I admit to being partial to transparent envelopes, and Stephanies are more than a standard transparent envelope.  She plays with layers in the way a painter plays with viscosity.  She's adhered wonderful colourful stickers and tape to the envelope, creating a particular layer/colour effect that is just very pleasing. Even Stephanie's handwriting has a particular charm and character!

I love the way Stephanie tells a story.  The way the book opens, lengthwise, is surprising and rewarding.  no 527 - LUC 77 created on Dec 30, 2013 is a rural story featuring women with the suggestion of a man away. It is never explicit but it feels poignant and true!

Rosa Gravino's VISPO

Rosa Gravino has been hosting a  mail art exhibition in Argentina
I wasn't even aware of the event… sometimes I sign up that I am 'attending' a mail art call and then I miss the deadline, but this time I wsn't even aware of it.  So when I saw Rosa's photos I was doubly sad.  I have always been a big fan of Rosa's work, and we've exhanged a bit.  When I went through my mail art, considering who to include in my Colour of Mail art book for Cheryl's Encyclopedia of Everything, Rosa's work in Cheryl's Zine was so exciting that I had to have her in my book as an inspiring mail artist.  (There were at least two handfuls of people I wanted to include because they too had inspired me, but alas…) Anyway, I sent Rosa a book and I guess it coincided with her show and I think I was included at the twelfth hour.

Fabulous to have some more VISPO from Rosa! I will attach a few stamps and send the add and pass onto others, soon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Encarted rolls from Aristide 3108

As always, a satisfying, aesthetic and out-of-the-box response to a mail art call from this wonderful mail artist! You probably can't tell, but the 8 rolls on each side of Aristide's trademark ATC are glued down.  The odd white and textual roll on the left side is sewn so that it actually rolls, a bit. Magic!

Maybe you will participate? How will you interpret 'Roll It'?