Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a trio from the Artist in Seine

 Some time ago I receieved a trio of mail art from our Artist in Seine.  I had sent made him a Colour of Mail art book and wanted to check on his address. He didn't know what I was sending him but, I guess he decided to front load me with mail art, just in case.  Last year I sent him a burnt and crumbling mince pie over the holiday period… As ever I got a real treat!

Artist in Seine is very good about labeling his work.  no 679, sent on 20th December, feels like a letter home from a soldier.  Are those the micro chips from the buried object left in the desert last year?  Artist in Seine has been 'disappeared' for some time.  Is this a clue to what he's been doing in his absence?

Number two (no 690) was completed on 26th December.  WHY NOT MAKE THIS A WINE TRAIL?
Still on the soldier theme, decisions are being made, man down and some scary guns.  Artist in Seine is making the most of his down time, though, it seems.  But what does a wine trail look like and does it take one to Pisa, Rome and the Middle East?
In the final piece, no 701,  'Headgear'  -  signed on January 1st -  I sense a fragmenting character, or else the evervescence of Christmas  has brightened and lightened him. Maybe the wine trail is a factor? maybe it's shrapnel.  Whatever, I love the metallic, graphic feel! And luckily the odd shaped postcard, the confusion of barcoades and the words: 'pigs in blanket, RockJock, headgear' didn't challenge the postman so much that it was lost in the mail.  Great to hear from Artist in Seine after so long, and he can expect somethings from me soon.

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