Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mama Mia! Meeah sends a full course of beautiful mail art

The following images are the pages of Meeah's books IN some sort of ORDER so that you can read her beautiful VISPO.  Although they stand on their own, I have an overwhelming desire to use them …  but I always have this problem with mail art people send me, I feel I can't change it - unless I'm instructed, so keep it in files to revisit. 

When I was a child I was given a 'blank' book that had some small woodcuts on each page.  I have hung onto the book, never bearing to use it as it was intended, to write my childish poetry NEATLY inside.  

Meeah's envelope heralds the lavish textural trashpo journey she takes me on.

Her books vary in length, from a folded page (so 4 pages) to 2 folded pages, (8).  All are hand stitched in some way.

 Here 'nakedness' and 'thou shalt not uncover' are linked by a stitch.

Meeah's note feels like a piece of mail art winging its way to me over the choppy Atlantic.

This next book is also made from religious pages, but the date affixed to the front transforms it to a day book, a journal, something personal.  I love the dance of strokes on this cover.

 I have cropped the words rather badly here.  On the lamb page it should say, Because, for I am holy," 6. therefore it is also contained in '
 On the pigeon page:' things which are needed for the iniquity.  the tongue is so set.'

 You can probably guess which pages are facing.  Love this unfinished noughts and crosses.

I wonder how Meeah works?  These abstract still lives suggest a change of pace and are beautiful in juxtaposition, especially to the dance on the front and back.
 Furby and conversation with bubbles are stand-alone pieces!

Meeah's final book is made thicker paper.  It is very haptic. Not only does she play with texture.  her use of shape, colour and line make this a very energetic and satisfying read!

And I nearly forgot this one… a sewn card!

Thanks Meeah for a fulsome meal of mail art!

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