Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Marie's legend

Hello Marie. I recognise the envelope before I see the writing.  Then it is absolutely confirmed. I wonder what beauty will lie inside.  I put it aside.  I like the wait. I examine the envelope and think, we share this planet with all these people and some of them we think we know inside out.  We take liberties.  We hold an arm and yet we are all misunderstood and alone in one way or another.

I'm always caught unaware when I can't decipher a language.  I can get absolutely nowhere with characters, but with images and words cut and reassembled I believe I can make sense if I try.  It's late, maybe that's why I can't do it very well right now… I read aloud and light on'mirnounah', 'sefftliffe'.  Are they places? The sounds made when...
Legend has been edited and printed by Marie.  I sniff the paper and it doesn't smell.  There is no fragrance of linseed.  Are they printed on a printer or is it a photo process?  INDIGO.  Are Marie's hands stamped with Hanada? Her book evokes vats of dye, shibori, but it is paper and maps.  

 It is of another era. It is a trace from a journey, a memory and a schema.

 I recognise the way I feel I am looking in on something personal.  It isn't meant for me but I am sharing the experience, vicariously.

The imagery and the choices are exacting.  I read again and again, tracing my fingers up and down the spine's threaden worry beads.


  1. Oh my….
    Today is the first day in a long long time I am letting my eyes browse around mail art blogs again, and I find this!! This is incredible. What a present. You write so beautifully, Rebecca, and with so much insight.
    The book's pages are made of cyanotype prints I made, each print is unique because it never comes out the same. I'm glad yours came out the way it is, and I'm so happy it landed in your hands. Thank you so muchly!

    1. Marie, I absolutely LOVE it. I have been seduced by cyanotype prints before and have never experimented with them myself, so they are just MAGIC. I have the poem sitting by my computer. I decided to save it until I watched My Beautiful Launderette again. I saw it such along time ago and can't remember much but it is on my list of top ten films, so obviously deserves a re-visit! There was a song by Viv Goldman that I have always associated with the film, although I think it is just the title…! Grea to see you online!

  2. Great! The good thing about cyanotype is that it is dead simple, you just have to blend two solutions in low light and then brush it onto any paper. And wait for a sunny day and voila!
    I don't know what it was about the Laundrette that stuck with me so much, maybe the visual poetry, maybe the chemistry between the characters? I'm glad you saw the same film. Yip, great tune! :-)))