Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mail art pieces about sport - Jonathan Johnson - Ohio

I'm not very good at classifying mail art, not sure that's terribly important, but as I try to engage with images that are distant from my own sensibilities, my first step might be to place them somewhere and go from there.  I was a gymnast and I like to run, but beyond that I wouldn't say I follow sports particularly.   And yet, Jon's mail art made me smile (ignorantly) and I think I could place these in Fluxus, but please tell me if this isn't so!

Jonathan also sent me an announcement for an exhibition of his at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus Ohio - BACKYARD TOPOGRAPHIC.  This sepia reminds me of a solar print and does evoke time and a map for me.  I hope Jonathan lets me know if he shows here in the UK!
I found a link where you can see other pieces by Jon:

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