Sunday, May 26, 2019

WHO are we when we go to Paris?

One of the joys of mail art is that I get things from people that they labour over and that tell the story of their life.  Dave's latest Parisian sketchbook is one of those prized possessions. I wanted to blog it ages ago, when I was in Maine but I couldn't find the images I knew I'd put somewhere on my hard drive… When I got back I realised I had not scanned them, that I had photographed them and there they were. So huge apologies that it has taken me so long to document Dave's latest visit to Paris, the home of Satre, Camus, and other left bank intellectuals - at the heart of existentialism. It has nods to some of Paris' finest from Dali to Picasso via Simone de Beauvoir and Gertrude Stein.

On first glance I saw one face, but  Gestalt  there were two! Much like the pages of a book, one can never see more than one thing at once… Dave's sketchbook is like that.
Like Van Gogh's chair…. (how is it still standing)?  Even though Notre Dame is without its roof, can we see it as we used to?

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mail art out of context -

David Stafford sent me a boekie a little while ago and I enjoyed it and then scanned it and then I went to America and who knows what all these scans mean as a whole… I like that I get to pick the best option for me… 

...Anything remotely associated with 'domestic' is probably slightly inappropriate for me. I like to do domestic things but I will not march to anyone's domestic demands, unless they are demanded by my mother. Raking, cooking, dishes - only my mother gets those chores with a smile.

Although possibly/certainly out of order, David has sent me a great selection of imagery about women from, say, the time of Mad Men.  It's interesting to have grown up in that period, thinking it was 'normal' and to pass through and then to become a 'modern woman'. And I can agree with much I see here: the wonder, the glamour that domesticity conjured in that time... and the statement 'domestic mystery' describes it perfectly. Thank you David!

Friday, May 10, 2019

That sensation of eyes on you...

 Carina is waiting.  She is waiting for me to send her some worthy mail art, not just some doodle made on a Plane, something more substantial, something that shouts ' I care about you' or 'i'm a serious mail artist with something important and originl to say!' So I sent out eight pieces of mail art, stuff I began but hadn't completed. I am in Maine, gardening. and still I feel Carina's gaze on the back of my neck, reminding me that I am a disappointment and… of course there is more time… just do it!
I know Carina isn't actually on my case.  I know it is my own silly guilt but like the best mail art, Carina gets me thinking and i hope I can rise to Carina's brilliance!  Thanks for the gentle prod, Carina!

Cascadia sends more and keeps in the thick of the mail art community!

 Cascdia sent me more stamps so I wouldn't feel I couldn't use them so I brought these four sheets with me to america an am sending them on my envelopes!  It's wonderful and I know my mail art friends will appreciate them.

For the last few years I haven't been able to keep active in the wider mail art community.  i keep thinking that I want to organise a mail art exhibit but cn't commit to scanning thr incoming work in good time so i haven't moved forward. Cascadia seems to be in the thick of many mail art initiatives.  He is also hosting a mail artist from Argentine (Fernando Garcia Delgado). His garden is also taking off.

Before I left for America I scanned all my mail art.  I have to say, it's different and a little tricky to blog mail art without having it before me to hold in my hands. Still wanted you all to know that DADA  Triumph Motors will be back soon ands that truck month is back and will be recorded!

Huge thanks as ever, Cascadia!