Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Voyageur Postal's New Year's Dogs are for Life

Herman's handwriting alerts me (with a flourish) that a painterly collage is about to be discovered.
Opening mail art is like being on a dig.  Unless the envelope is transparent, or the envelope is the art, the contents are buried inside.  

I kept Herman's envelope propped up on a table in my studio for a few days so that when I 'excavated' it I would be sure I could take the time to look with care.

Herman's mail art has another thing about it that reminds me of archeology… the natural forms.  I just love the way Herman juxtaposes his glorious paper with choice collage pieces and doodles.  For me it is the stuff of life, where dreams and tradition meet.  It's the photo album we all wish we had. 

Don't you just love hose animated mongrels braying at the moon while a Munch-like onlooker screams. and I'm sure I can hear the echo of a yodel from these corgis and the lass, can't you? The cigar wrappers add such a feel of military, or boarding school.  She's wearing her prefect badge as a sash!

Herman has included some customary collage gifts in his mailing. Great stuff, and perfect for my mail art resolutions! For sure Voyageur Postal's New Year's Dogs are for Life.
Many thanks, Herman!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dazzled by Susan McAllister

As I look at this again I see asemic lines that remind me of John Bennett! I hope it's happy New Year, Susan! I will choose to interpret this as a creative brainwave. I am dazzled.

Debut Mail Art from Peter Willsher

Who knew Peter had been to Malta or that he would send his debut mail art piece to me from there! An altered postcard is so Peter's style, strong and direct in a minimalist way! Just like the West Wing.
Many thanks Peter!

Hangover-over love and kisses from Marie Wintzer

Marie isn't making her tactile, original, imaginative, intelligent and out of this world books anymore. she featured in the article that was written about me in December and I sent her a copy.  she told me she wasn't amking mail art anymore and then I was surprised to receive a few radiograms!

Radiograms are the perfect medium for Marie because she has a wonderfull knack for packing so much in a small space, with few words.  The cryptic quality is also a Wintzer trademark! I feel as if I left the party early and missed the excitement and am not quite sure how to tiptoe, but I'd sure like a 'happy snappy'!

In this second radiogram, Marie peppers the communication with words that come from my world… 'Maine' and 'bananas' almost trick me into thinking I am in the know.  But I don't know Peter. And now I'm convinced that Marie  got my radiogram mixed up with Major Tom's.  Are these cut-ups?

In another correspondence with Marie, I discovered that she has struck out in new directions!  Exciting new stuff by marie can be seen here!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

'denne okände fått', I have been searching in the wrong places - Carina Granlund

So wonderful to get a New Year's greeting from Carina Granlund, Petsmo. From the land of the caribou and clodhopper shoes to this island of rain and wellies. 

Everyday Carina and I go into our studios and face the blank page, or look at something we started and look for a place to continue.  We all have our rituals.  Perhaps Carina wears shoes like the ones she's stamped on the envelope.  I wear crocs mostly because just getting here inevitably ends in wet feet.  Crocs dry out quickly and can be washed. 

Although potentially heretical to say, DKult Doodle therapy is a way to get started, sometimes.  Certainly mail art is a way to dig into materials and let things happen.  Carina is our DKult seamstress, with hand-stitching skills that all kulters should learn to emmulate. I am returned to the day of sewing cards.  Do they still do that in nursery school? Not that I am saying there is anything nursery-like in Carina's way.  I often receive work from my mail artist friends and think, 'huh why didn't I think of that?'  Perhaps it's all down to that muse...

The above is one of Carina's chair series, made in Germany in Sept 2015.  I love the acquiescent look on the monkey's face. It feels like he is observing a mobile of shoes circling above. 

Inside the envelope is this other container which has a plaintive woman and a natural, relaxed man… when I am sitting infront of the blank page I try to be the man but without fail I lose my way and lose sight of the fun. 

This little envelope contains what Carina calls 'a distorted boekie'. I think she calls it that because lining up the pages must have been a nightmare and she probably sees nothing but flaws.  It look fabulous to me but the real joy is the story inside. 

Where is my muse?
I have been searching in the wrong places.

Maybe she is hiding in the night?

I am the muse!??

The characters and the images are sublimely Carina, simple and just right!

I let my eyes wander over the words of the book pages that Carina had used to make the pages of the book, beautiful off-white faded pages, and settle on,  'denne okände fått,' which according to my handy translater means, 'recently this unknown'.   Aren't language, stories and Carina amazing!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hooked no 1152 - Artist in Seine

Dean is fishing for compliments with this handy dandy folding collage.  I am hooked, but Dean knew that I would be as he affixed the stamps. Hooks are to claws and sharks and if I were you I'd stay out of the water.

Especially when wearing a bikini, as if.

Time pins us down, a bit like a hook, so don't listen to the critic in you, make comic strips and dream of hot sauce, you'll be a happier person.

Much better to be snug in your beach house.  But whatever you do, call police 17, if it gets too frantic. JAMBALAYA. Many thanks, Dean.

Live Irresistible south of South St - Artist in Seine

We all have our favourite materials and Artist in Seine likes a book cover to fashion his exhuberant mail art! This one seems to come from a bilingual schmogassborngof a science book. It is quite topical in that it reminds us all of our times tables, something which the UK Government is preoccupied with at the moment…

In Dean's dream world everyone and every thing is irresistible, from the feather wing outfit to the El Dorado motel. Heck, even the builders get to hang around upsde down reading the paper in Deantopia. and if I got to choose a street to live on, I'd take Passyunk, for sure.

Friday, January 8, 2016

NIchola Orlick is changing the world an acorn at a time

I love Nichola's sentiment, that she wants a better world for us all.  I also appreciate her self-effacing understanding that she is just one in a world full of many, but she still tries to do her part!

Nichola's flag and this mailing have sat by my computer waiting to be scanned.  Next they will be on my work table, waiting for some marks, some peaceful marks!  I have sequestered Nichola's acorn in my precious possessions place.  My scanner is acting up and this is the thrid attempt and this time I didn't put the acorn back…

I love the way Nichola has turned her chocolate wrapper inside out to make a beautful airmail envelope.  Many thanks for this evocative mail art full of good will.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Claudine Bossier sends news and mail art from France

Great to receive news and this original monoprint from the mum of Figgy's French exchange friend, Clara.  Claudine, Clara's mum, is an art teacher these days. We met once when I went to collect Figgy from Paris.  I struggled in my my very rusty French and we at a delicious lunch before Figgy and I traveled back on the Eurostar 

artist's birthday card - Annabel Ridley

One of the best parts of being part of the East Of Bury Artist's Trail, and Suffolk Open Studios was meeting other artists (who I didn't know) who live near to me.  Annabel Ridley is a painter-printmaker who makes beautiful work.

Annabel brought me a gift when she came to our annual family party this year.  It is so cool, it is a mold for making ice shot glasses.  You can put plants in the water to make beautiful ice glasses. Even more beautiful was this card.

You can see more of Annabel's work here: http://annabelridley.net

Monday, January 4, 2016

A year's worth of pleasure in one Barfa box - Mason Keys

In completely random order, here is the contents of the Barf Box from Amazon Slime, courtesy of Mason Keys (with some additions - don't ask me - from Diane Keys). See the video (at end) where my model uses the Dkult playset figurines in the Elgin Mansion.