Saturday, January 2, 2016

Artist in Seine puts a fizz in the January drizzle

While I consider myself a proficient multi-tasker, when it comes to being home with family, I try to pour all my energy into being with them and all the work that goes along with their visits. I pretty much stop all creative endeavours. So it took considerable discipline not to open my mail art until now.  I didn't get scads because I have been something of a 'missing mail artist' for months, but what I did get looks fabulous, so I will be opening it, and blogging it when I get a moment between the after-christmas jobs, as the family depart over the next few days.  

But this is about DEAN and the cheer he sent me and how it's cheering me up as I lug the champagne bottles to the bottle bank and sigh.

It's truly amazing that Dean, having never been to Nayland Farm, knows how we celebrate, the toasts, the cakes, the candles, the decorations - it's uncanny. The only way we differ from the oppulent lifestyle that Dean depicts is that Dean's world looks so orderly… Now where did we put the extra wine glasses? 'The timer's going off, whose timing something?' WE need another chair…

We have an annual gathering a few days after Christmas (because I never know what else to do with my birthday) and I have to admit to downright pandemonium as the first guests arrived. We don't have chandeliers either.  

Dean's card folds open to the two page spread below.  It is made of heavy card and looks to be a repurposed piece. I recognise the spent sticker page from years gone by and again it makes a wonderfully festive impression! 

Dean's firework display, (complete with Christmas full moon) is also similar to what we had around here in Battisford Tye. Huge thanks to the Artist In Seine for spreading the festive spirit into January. I will eat a few black-eyed peas for him so it's a lucky 2016 and get my mail art ledger out to decide which of the many, many international mail artists I owe mail to will be first on my list!

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  1. Thank you very much for your very complete blog. Now we know everything about you and your exotic Christmas lifestyle. I'm happy you enjoyed the card. But thanks to the Hotel Russell on Russell Square in London for the materials. Imagine, they throw away this stuff every year. ha ha