Sunday, January 3, 2016

5089 Anging Folders - Matt Stolte

Years ago at IUOMA there were discussions about whether to analyse mail art or whether to let the work speak for itself.  It turns out I (shamelessly) like a story.  I see narrative even where it doesn't exist.  I suspect my narrative is simplistic because I don't remember things for long and can't alude to much, but with Matt's mail art I saw something immediately . What I see is a cosmonaut bound for space and some exquisite planet, possibly made of green cheese.  Matt's gorgeous turquoise mixed media piece is made on the back of a rapidly cut cardboard castoff - a trashpoem, for sure.
 Note the 5089 stamps
 and a C Mehrl Bennet stamp

 I suspect below is recycled trash from trashqueen DK, of DKult fame. I have the next few lines in a carefully filed envelope.
 And finally a John M Bennett Nostril stamp! Perhaps the top image is phallic after all?

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