Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hangover-over love and kisses from Marie Wintzer

Marie isn't making her tactile, original, imaginative, intelligent and out of this world books anymore. she featured in the article that was written about me in December and I sent her a copy.  she told me she wasn't amking mail art anymore and then I was surprised to receive a few radiograms!

Radiograms are the perfect medium for Marie because she has a wonderfull knack for packing so much in a small space, with few words.  The cryptic quality is also a Wintzer trademark! I feel as if I left the party early and missed the excitement and am not quite sure how to tiptoe, but I'd sure like a 'happy snappy'!

In this second radiogram, Marie peppers the communication with words that come from my world… 'Maine' and 'bananas' almost trick me into thinking I am in the know.  But I don't know Peter. And now I'm convinced that Marie  got my radiogram mixed up with Major Tom's.  Are these cut-ups?

In another correspondence with Marie, I discovered that she has struck out in new directions!  Exciting new stuff by marie can be seen here!

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