Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dave the Rave and his stickerdoodle heart from Paris

This arrived today (so is out of order in terms of arrival to Nayland Farm) but I wanted to post it tonight as it may be the topic of conversation on a long drive down to the Southeast tomorrow, for some.

I had no idea who this was from… so the hint, 'Dave the Rave' was quite important; although if I'd considered, briefly, I might have remembered that one Dave the Rave was in Paris (with Lesley) so it was sort of obvious.  

I love the use of Le Tricolore colour in these stickerdoodles. Madame Parisienne  seems immune to the floral display that lights up the evening sky. 

 The clouds shift and become piratical.
 The women seem impervious to the commotion.

 A tower is tipped and the spectre looks quizzically on the tourists.

Inspite of various hold ups,  lost carnets, locked luggage, a petrol-less moped… the post takes flight over the channel. 

All of France looks on, full of hope and ardour.
Immune to terror plots, low fuel prices and even over-trekked destinations, the letter sails away.

And I unhinge the flap, sniff, sniff to find that it all worked out and everyone had  joyeuse fetes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your mail art treasure chest with us. Have a happy and art-filled new year!