Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Voyageur Postal's New Year's Dogs are for Life

Herman's handwriting alerts me (with a flourish) that a painterly collage is about to be discovered.
Opening mail art is like being on a dig.  Unless the envelope is transparent, or the envelope is the art, the contents are buried inside.  

I kept Herman's envelope propped up on a table in my studio for a few days so that when I 'excavated' it I would be sure I could take the time to look with care.

Herman's mail art has another thing about it that reminds me of archeology… the natural forms.  I just love the way Herman juxtaposes his glorious paper with choice collage pieces and doodles.  For me it is the stuff of life, where dreams and tradition meet.  It's the photo album we all wish we had. 

Don't you just love hose animated mongrels braying at the moon while a Munch-like onlooker screams. and I'm sure I can hear the echo of a yodel from these corgis and the lass, can't you? The cigar wrappers add such a feel of military, or boarding school.  She's wearing her prefect badge as a sash!

Herman has included some customary collage gifts in his mailing. Great stuff, and perfect for my mail art resolutions! For sure Voyageur Postal's New Year's Dogs are for Life.
Many thanks, Herman!

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