Friday, January 8, 2016

NIchola Orlick is changing the world an acorn at a time

I love Nichola's sentiment, that she wants a better world for us all.  I also appreciate her self-effacing understanding that she is just one in a world full of many, but she still tries to do her part!

Nichola's flag and this mailing have sat by my computer waiting to be scanned.  Next they will be on my work table, waiting for some marks, some peaceful marks!  I have sequestered Nichola's acorn in my precious possessions place.  My scanner is acting up and this is the thrid attempt and this time I didn't put the acorn back…

I love the way Nichola has turned her chocolate wrapper inside out to make a beautful airmail envelope.  Many thanks for this evocative mail art full of good will.

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