Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marie Wintzer: Repetitions 4 Love C 1

When Marie's envelope landed in my mailbox I was swamped by work in schools and family stuff, not to mention the 25 years of IUOMA mail art exhibition al Old House and my fusepo.  So, I made a decision not to open it until I had appreciated all the other things that came before that I hadn't yet looked at with care. One always WANTs to open a Wintzer envelope, though. I'm sure having it by my computer, reminding me, made me more focused and determined. This bareback rider reminds me of the Pompei exhibit currently at the Vand A in London.  Beautiful colour and simplicity and a playful air that Marie has taken advantage of when she puts my name in his cape? 
Marie has been making Repetitions she tells me she's 'just playing with pencils' but I see lots of repetition of form, colour, and a playfulness, how ideas might be born. I see figures flowing out of the pills, jelly beans, sleeping tablets - a valley of dolls legs, wild dreams with men riding bareback,  but maybe that's just me! 

As ever, Marie leaves me wondering and wanting more!  Thank you Marie.


  1. Oh, this is way too generous a blog for this scrap of a card, Rebecca. Thank you for such kind words. I was taking Love C pills :-)) and got inspired by the flask when it was already empty. I'm sorry you got the first one of the series, I will send you a little Love C complement at some point. Not that you need it, I can feel the love streaming all through these blog pages of yours.

  2. Rebecca, L'Oracle has landed! When oh when do you find time to make and send such beauties in the middle of your holiday?... I love the transparency, I don't know how you do that but it's wonderful. Thank you much much much.